A help that never goes beyond: Progressive dialer, an easy, convenient, accessible and optimal solution for your telemarketing company

We know the multiple ways in which the different technological contributions, contribute in a forceful and representative way to the operation of the companies mainly responsible for fulfilling the functions of customer service in general.


The progressive dialer that Neotel offers us, on the other hand, is a convenient tool that is very easy to access and whose cost is reduced significantly if we take into account that all the information in databases that we provide, is found virtually.

Added to this, the progressive dialer system is characterized by being a «turnkey» service, which you can coordinate from any point, monitoring one by one and in real time, the work of your teleoperators.


What functions does the progressive dialer have for my telemarketing company?


The Neotel progressive dialer helps to optimize the time of your telemarketers in the calls they must make or answer, since it consists mainly of a dialing system that detects immediately the moment in which an agent is available, and transfers a call without prior authorization, which is intended to reach a significant number of calls in the day to cover the high demand that is generated.

In turn, the progressive marker allows the results to be optimal in terms of time efficiency, thanks to the discrimination of types of call response such as: numbers that do not exist, voicemail, or faxes. Allowing then that the calls that arrive are really important and the requirements of the clients are fulfilled in a prudent time.


That is why it is necessary to use the Neotel progressive marker, an optimal resource at your fingertips.