Save on your international calls with Secure VoIP Telephony

In a short time the use of voip telephony will eliminate the need for booths and physical telephone exchanges.

As far as the cost of voip telephony is concerned, operators offer different options. Operators like Neotel offer great rates but also offer phones from multiple countries.

At the same time the advance of telephony has given voip telephony with greater security. Communications are now more secure thanks to secure encryption systems.

Calls are safer

In times of crisis this system of telephony allows great savings compared to the old conventional telephone systems in terms of local and international calls. Technological development has favored the adoption of VoIP telephony. Broadband connections have helped to significantly improve call quality. In fact many companies use VoIP telephony to contact their customers.

Telefonía VoIP

Costs are reduced with VoIP telephony

With VoIP telephony you can get international calls at very low cost through the necessary software and via the Internet.


The ip telephony is a method of Internet voice transmission that supposes great savings of money to those who use it. Our system will be able to transform our voice into data and transmit this through the Internet to the target person.