Time, money and efficiency

At Neotel we polish the quality of our software day by day just so you can be satisfied with our services; we improve ourselves to accompany you in your business because with our software we promise a fast, simple and effective work, without any confusing installation or any initial payment; our services are specialized for entrepreneurs like you.


centralita pbx


We are here, to bring you exclusively the best.


We offer you virtual faxing in email, voice mail, international numbers, a corporate agenda, etc.


There is no need for an installation that can complicate or waste your time, we make sure that everything is quick and easy; in addition we provide only the best for you and your customers. We allow you to expand your business without moving from your location; we allow you to receive calls through your PBX at no cost.


You don’t have to worry about cell phone costs, you just need to provide us with the line owner’s details and the donor operator and our customer service staff will be responsible for the portability of your line.



virtual fax pbx


You don’t have to worry about anything, we are with you to help you save time and money; we are honest with you, you can trust that we, will help you with our tool to improve your business. If for any reason you have to move out of your office or country, don’t worry, you can connect your phone to the internet and receive calls at no cost; we save you money on complicated phones and software and focus on giving you an efficient service.


You will be able to configure your switchboard as you wish, besides, we offer you extensions to improve your customer services; we just want you to be satisfied, we are for you to answer doubts and even look for solutions to any problem.


If you don’t have a number we offer you one free of charge, we won’t change anything about your phone number, we will only assign you a virtual number so you can use it in any line or mobile you have, you just need internet and you will start to take off to the top.



virtual pbx


Save time, money and take off in your business.