An ergonomic and economical Virtual Switchboard is possible

Our virtual PBX stands out for, among others, the features of telephone reception, voicemail server, web server, identification of calls, …

The virtual switchboard helps companies save costs and time.

The users who own a physical switchboard are always in trouble. They are old systems. Old. They are already disused. With the pbx hosted in the cloud we will be getting the most advanced mode for the customer in telephone switchboards. There is nothing like it!

Neotel recommends moving to the virtual switchboard if you have not already done so

Of a better professional image. Do not worry about the location of yours and your workers. Forget once and for all the typical problems of technical aspects of the management of the switchboard, space problems, equipment maintenance problems, etc.

Convince yourself and do not wait any longer. Migrate your physical switchboard to the cloud from Neotel’s hand. You will not regret

More advantages provided by the virtual switchboard:


virtual pbx

  1. Gain of space.
  2. Simplicity.
  3. Most economical and efficient option.
  4. Flexibility and mobility for users.
  5. Investment for the future.
  6. Variety of functionalities.
  7. More professional image.
  8. Simplification of call statistics.
  9. Access to call statistics.


When looking for your company to hire the pbx, do not be fooled. Contract now with Neotel.