Looking for a virtual switchboard for my company

If you have an old telephone installation in your company, today in our blog we want to invite you to know more about the virtual switchboards we offer at Neotel. From Neotel we organize customized projects for each company. Contact us through 902 088 500 | 952 64 10 34 or write to us via the contact form and our technicians will then contact you to clarify and show everything related to virtual switchboards. Find out and ask for a free quote without obligation. From the jump in your company to the Virtual Switchboard and discover its advantages today!

The Neotel virtual exchange allows you to manage all your communications at a very competitive price. With Neotel everything are advantages.

Neotel Virtual Switchboard

Virtual Switchboard Features

– Call queue.
– Call pickup.
– Idioms.
– Management of schedules.
– Management of agents.

Virtual Switchboard

A virtual switchboard allows you to make free phone calls between employees so we are saving money.

With a virtual switchboard all are advantages: all communications within your company are managed from a single phone number regardless of the number of locations and locations. In addition with the virtual switchboard we save on physical machines and wiring, with the corresponding saving that this supposes in level of space and money.

The Virtual Switchboard, a 100% winning bet

Get rid of your old telephony and upgrade to Neotel’s virtual switchboard now. Help your company take a step forward. Improve the image of your company and make a better impression to your customers. The Neotel virtual switchboard means working with a future technology, which Neotel is a reality now.