Spy what your call center agents say with the ‘Monitoring’ of the Neotel control unit

Listening to calls is very easy with the monitoring module of the Neotel control unit.

Quality must be paramount in a call center. And the Neotel monitoring module integrated in its virtual switchboard helps to perform quality controls on incoming and outgoing calls from all our operators. With this, we can, as administrator, look for flaws in the conversations of our agents and then be able to improve. The ‘monitoring’ of the Neotel control unit corresponds to the recording, spy and whisper. Without having a quality control over our agents, we will never know 100% the reason why we are losing customers or not winning new ones. In addition, this module not only allows you to spy to be aware of the conversations and then with our agent to analyze them. If not that it allows us a quality that will surely be of interest. And that is to be able to listen in real time to a conversation between a client and an agent, so that, in an invisible way to our client, we whisper what we need to the operator agent to charge the call for example, to indicate a special promotion to apply to that client, or to ask him a question, or offer him a service, etc.

With the monitoring of Neotel we can listen to any conversation in progress from our own extension.

Spying and listening to calls with the monitoring module is very easy. If you wish, you can contact us now. We are here to always attend you.