What is Voice over IP Communication?

Do you already know what Voice over IP Communication is? Well if you still have doubts, this article will interest you and much. We start!

First of all, say that if we have to simplify the answer to the question What is Voice over IP Communication? In the simplest form, we would say that the main difference with respect to other more traditional communication systems is the simplicity that is presented when installing, configuring and using the service.

With a VoIP system at the end what we are getting is a Premium communications system at very low cost. One of the reasons why the IP Voice is becoming more and more interesting to companies is that VoIP encourages Teleworking. And it does not matter where the employees are, even in different countries. Calls are always billed as if they were calls within the same office.

A virtual switchboard is an advanced communications system that allows you to have as many extensions of mobile or fixed lines as you wish and increase or reduce on demand without having to bear the costs of classic telephone switchboards. Solving the typical problems of communication quality, queued call management, etc.

The Telephony in the cloud gives freedom. With IP Telephony we lower costs and we are achieving a 100% scalable system to the needs of our company.

Neotel helps businesses simplify their communication systems thanks to CRM, PBX and call center software.

Saving on the telephone bill is really possible with Neotel.

The technologies are advancing very fast. The connections are getting faster. And the telephony in the cloud is something of the future, but of this very moment.

IP Telephony is not something new anymore. And it is true that more and more companies are making the leap to the cloud for their telephone communication systems.

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