IP telephony resellers: A growing business

IP telephony resellers are part of today’s entrepreneurial chains. In the midst of the boom in remote and freelancer jobs, selling calling services over IP networks can be a source of passive income. Some communication companies work with individuals to expand their business network.


become a Neotel distributor

VoIP distribution is the future for many companies and the business opportunity is great. Many companies still use old forms of communication and data storage. Even many call center departments still have communications that rely on physical devices.

The great advantage of IP telephony

Many companies are not aware that Internet-based telephone communication systems exist. Of course, this means that they are unaware of the advantages of adopting today’s Internet telephony technologies. Having virtual PBX and IP telephony services generates considerable reductions in the operating costs of companies.

The costs of IT personnel, telephone equipment, physical storage and maintenance practically disappear. IP telephony lowers many expenses because the virtual systems are managed by the company providing the service. For companies with customer service departments, the benefits are even greater.

When communication is done via the Internet, all call data is stored in the cloud. This allows the creation of a database that in turn allows to understand what is being done right or wrong. What the VoIP distributor does is simply to sell this technological option to companies that do not know it. In short, they make money by being intermediaries.

Become a distributor of IP Telephony

Those people with a website, a blog or who have the ability to sell can generate good income being distributors. Computer scientists, consultants and related professionals who work with several companies can earn an additional income.

There are prestigious communication companies that work with independent distributors. One of the most emblematic cases is Neotel, which allows the sale of its IP telephony services and call center software. Basically, the idea is to make a profit as an intermediary of a service.

Those seeking to generate passive income have in this type of business an excellent alternative. Opportunities are everywhere: it is just a matter of knowing them.