Advantages of a wireless control unit

Advantages of having a wireless switchboard in the company

It’s all in the cloud

Neotel is always at the forefront of the latest technologies in switchboards.


virtual pbx

The sale of equipment from the old switchboards means an unnecessary outlay with the switchboard in the Neotel cloud.

Today we are all more than used to working ‘in the cloud’. We save from our contacts, photos, notes, videos, etc.. Everything passes through the cloud on the Internet. Why not migrate the switchboard too?

The virtual pbx means: calls without interruptions, with high quality and being able to be anywhere.


Better sound quality

Today’s connections allow for maximum call sound quality.

Stability and security

The Neotel Cloud Switchboard is the most stable and secure on the market today. If you are in doubt whether to hire Neotel or not, we invite you to contact us, and try our switchboard completely free and without any future commitment.

Among the main qualities that have the switchboards in the cloud always stands out that the cables disappear.