Do you want to know what your customers really think about you? Well now you can

The telemarketing survey module is very easy to use. It is basically a survey system, in which and by using the dial, the client can respond by pressing the keys of his terminal to a series of questions that a recording asks him. Imagine the possibilities here.

For example, another use is to know the degree of satisfaction of our client with our company, received attention, service, … Here the client simply must press a key, from 0 to 9, indicating their degree of satisfaction.

Simple right?

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The telemarketing surveys module is really simple to use. And if not, as easy as consulting and guiding you throughout the process

For the coordinating agent of the call center this module is of special interest because it allows you to have better control over the quality level of incoming and outgoing calls in your call center and the attention provided by the operators that work in it.

Still do not use telemarketing surveys to know the degree of satisfaction? If the answer is yes, you are losing valuable information


With telemarketing surveys does not end the list of features of the Neotel PBX. Moreover, we continue working every day to develop more modules that are coupled and integrated into your virtual switchboard easily. Some of the other modules available to the Neotel control unit are: