How to change my physical switchboard for a virtual one

Neotel software makes your company work faster and more productively.

From among the star pillars of Neotel’s range of services, we highlight in this article the importance of CRM integrated with the switchboard. If what you are looking for in having an absolute control over your business, with the CRM you will be able to reach all the objectives that you propose.

Once you try the Neotel switchboard you will not go back

If your business accounts with workers located in different parts of the world, what you need is a pbx such as Neotel’s virtual switchboard. With our switchboard it does not matter where your employees or yourself are. Save from now on all your calls to communicate with your workers who are in other cities or countries, but billing as if they were internal calls within the same location.

Improve your professional image Use the calls by ip. Do not leave any calls unattended.

Do not worry about the typical problems of telephony, thanks to Neotel.

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There are many advantages when working with the virtual switchboard

Basic differences between the switchboard in the cloud and a conventional physical switchboard:

  • You just need an Internet connection to make it work.
  • There are no maintenance costs.
  • There is no type of initial investment, before you can use it.
  • There is no hardware.

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Elevate the communications of your business with the Neotel control unit

You have plenty of reasons to hire a VoIP calling service

  • The Neotel PBX is 100% scalable and in every way. We adapt to the needs of clients like you. Tell us what you need and I’m sure we can help you.
  • Use a single tool It is over the need to be working with many applications to get what you can with a single application.
  • Easily manageable.

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When you give us an opportunity and try our switchboard, you will start saving a lot of money!

If you are already a user of a virtual or physical switchboard, but you do not feel satisfied, you are paying too much or the attention received leaves much to be desired, it is time to trust the real professionals. Get in contact with us.

What differentiates us from the competition? Easy: we are so proud of the product that we work that we do not need our clients to sign any permanence.

You will never need more expensive hardware equipment that could be damaged.


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Depending on your type of company, a type of software will be better for your telephone service. We advise you so that you do not have doubts when hiring.

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Improve the quality of the work of your own agents thanks to a virtual switchboard.

Call center software, CRM and virtual switchboard. Everything integrated in the same work tool


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There are no stays when you contract with Neotel. Therefore, there is never risk for the client.