Sales and Marketing Tools for your SME

Speed and quality in the attention. These are the keys that a good Marketing and Sales campaign needs.

Just the fact of having a virtual switchboard in our SME already makes us look bigger in front of our customers. A virtual switchboard gives us a professional image.

SMEs know very well that all the details must be taken care of if they want to maintain their client base.

The virtual switchboard improves the user experience

In addition, one of the main advantages of the virtual switchboard is that with it we never require more than the presence of a Technician for its management since we ourselves will be able to use it without needing help from third parties or specialists.

Having a switchboard in the cloud reduces the number of unanswered calls from customers.

Efficiency and control

Receiving a good telephone service helps us to show a modern and serious image to our customers.

Improve your corporate image with the virtual switchboard

You can configure your switchboard with as many extensions as you wish.

Grows more with the virtual switchboard

With the virtual switchboard we save money and we are more productive.

The virtual switchboard is also cheaper than the telephone physical switchboard, since with this last one the maintenance and its cost comes from the supplier company and, this cost could shoot up at any moment.

Every day there are more SMEs that move to Neotel’s virtual switchboard.

Save on costs and time with the virtual switchboard

The utilities of the virtual switchboard are many. Within your management panel you can configure this customized, depending on your needs.

When you hire Neotel’s virtual switchboard, you really do not care, because Neotel is responsible for the maintenance of your switchboard. And if tomorrow something happens, Neotel is responsible for repairing it. We care about your PBX so you do not have to.

With all that has been said so far, we have already explained to you why the advantages of migrating to a virtual switchboard and getting rid of a physical switchboard for your SME.

In a market like the one where competition is so strong, it is essential to differentiate yourself from the rest. And this is where the virtual switchboard helps us.

The virtual switchboard is your best option always

As you can see, the physical telephone exchange is obsolete. Migrating to the virtual switchboard with Neotel is the best you can always do for your business.

Here we show a series of cases in which using the virtual switchboard is the best option:

  • The virtual switchboard has a wide range of possibilities, much more than those provided by the physical telephone switchboard.
  • The virtual switchboard allows us to receive calls on our mobile lines as well as on fixed lines, so no matter where we are with the virtual PBX we are always connected to our employees and customers.
  • The virtual switchboard when housed in the cloud means that your number is hosted in the cloud as well. The advantage that this brings us is that if tomorrow we need to move to another office, with the virtual PBX our number we make sure to keep it the same, unlike Cable Telephony.
  • One of the goals of every company is to grow. And with a virtual switchboard, having the possibility of expanding extensions as desired, this is now easier.

The physical telephone exchanges are becoming increasingly obsolete. And companies are realizing this.

What are the advantages of having an integrated CRM within our virtual switchboard?


Neotel has the best virtual switchboard in the market today. In addition, it has its own CRM that is integrated into the PBX. With the CRM integrated in the virtual switchboard of Neotel we get the most powerful telephony tool and information management.

The integration of CRM + Neotel’s virtual switchboard is of great importance to users.

A CRM is a tool for managing information related to customers.

The virtual switchboard is often used by call center companies and anyone who needs constant communication with customers. Some advantages of the switchboard are: call recording, Spy and Whisper, integrated phones, third party verification, selective signaling, queuing, click to call me back, virtual fax, telemarketing surveys, incoming call statistics, dynamic signaling, meeting room, etc.

The switchboard in the cloud (virtual switchboard) is the logical evolution of Telephony

If you need more information about the virtual switchboards, contact Neotel now and we will answer your questions.

The switchboard in the cloud allows you to grow as your company grows.


Do not worry about high telephone bills, complicated configurations, connectivity failures, and much more with Neotel’s PBX.

The virtual switchboard will mean a before and after in your agents. It does not matter if your operators are working from different points.

With old telephony, errors are common. With the virtual switchboard no.

Am I interested in the integration between the switchboard and the Neotel CRM?

Yes. This is the short answer.

With the Neotel CRM, being integrated into the switchboard, when we receive a call, we jump a popup window with all the data and information of that client.

It is difficult to imagine a call center performing its tasks without a CRM integrated into the switchboard.

Ask Neotel for its CRM integrated in the PBX

It could be said that with the integration of the PBX and the CRM, each call becomes a new client.

We trust that this article has been a little better explained the advantages of using CRM in the call center.