Predictive Dialer: More calls, more productivity, more success

Neotel’s predictive dialer allows redirecting the answered call to an available agent, making your call center much more productive, because the answered calls are the ones the agent works on, instead of the agent dialing several numbers until answering.


What is a predictive dialer?


It is the most efficient performance tool for a Call Center through a significant increase in live connections. This Predictive Dialer ensures real connection between agents and real customers, translating into higher productivity.

By using the right tools for your call center you can double the productivity of the operators in outbound telemarketing.


Differences between a predictive dialer and an automatic dialer


The difference between an automatic dialer and a predictive dialer, is that the predictive dialer keeps a strict control of all calls, predicting statistically when an operator will be free, when to make the call and how many calls must be made.

As the campaign progresses, it establishes data on the calls, modifying criteria to adjust the duration of the call and increase the probability of success.

Advantages of using predictive dialers


Predictive dialers are used for several simultaneous sales and marketing campaigns.

With predictive dialers, agent availability and call response time are algorithmically predicted.

With this process agents get more real connections that increase productivity significantly.

Predictive Dialing is one of the most widely used dialing options and Neotel offers you the most complete set of predictive dialing capabilities on the market.

More advantages offered by Neotel

When purchasing a product you should focus on the competitive advantages, we show you some of them below:

Why choose this predictive dialer?


A great advantage is being able to manage one of our most important assets available: the weather. Neotel’s predictive dialer prioritizes this assertion.

The agent on the call already has a potential customer on the other end of the line, spending campaign records faster.

Included in our services

In the section of our CRM agents will not have to waste time looking for the next record to call, nor should they dial manually.



For the proper functioning the coordinator will load the database so that the system will make the call automatically and when it is answered it will be transferred to the tele-operator, thus gaining a lot of efficiency in the working time.

In the Neotel CRM you will get:

  • Campaigns can be managed from anywhere with the Internet.
  • Available form to write down important points of the call (Interest, call back, wrong number)


call statistics module

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