4 reasons why predictive dialing is important for sales

A predictive dialer is the ideal tool to provide the best ROI and increase sales.

A predictive dialer can increase sales and customer satisfaction. With competition at the market level becoming stronger and stronger it is important to have the most powerful tools to optimize our telemarketing campaigns to the maximum.

Why is predictive dialing important in sales?

Let’s look at the reasons for using predictive dialer to increase sales in an organization.

1. Connect with a large number of customers in less time

A predictive dialer allows you to connect to a large customer database through:

  • Respond to high-priority leads faster and build relationships with customers.
  • Take advantage of the right opportunities by dialing only those numbers that are potential for the business.
  • Take advantage of the right opportunities by dialing only those numbers that are potential for the business.

The predictive dialer allows you to dial several numbers at the same time.

Increase the productivity of your call center agents with Neotel’s predictive dialer.

The effective predictive intelligent dialing system allows you to reach a large customer base.


2. Increase agent productivity


predictive dialer

Predictive dialer increases agent productivity.

Predictive dialing at a call center level improves the life of the agents who feel more fulfilled and better taken advantage of.


  • Reduce agent downtime or waiting time to increase productivity.
  • Enable call queues.
  • Determine the optimal time to call and predict how long a call will last.
  • Eliminate the need to manually dial customer numbers.

3. Reduce operating costs

Un marcador predictivo puede aumentar los ROI de la empresa y por tanto sustancialmente las ganancias de la misma.

Además el marcador predictivo asegura que se reduzcan las tasas de abandono de llamadas.

4. Asignar llamadas a agentes disponibles

This method ensures that:

  • Agents get information about calls and the best time to make them.
  • No downtime.

The predictive dialer works the way the system starts dialing the next phone number before the agent has finished the previous call.

A predictive dialer will filter anomalies such as disconnected calls, busy network, answering machines, etc.

The algorithms used by our predictive dialer are «intelligent algorithms» as they are able to understand when is the best time to make a call.

Gone are the days when agents had to manually dial phone numbers. Purchasing the best call launcher software is critical to increasing our productivity in our business.