Large company? Predictive dialer is the solution

Customer service is often one of the main problems of growing companies. Especially because larger initiatives tend to expect much more. In addition, having a larger number of users means being able to serve them all efficiently. Of course, the virtual PBX provides the business owner with multiple solutions to facilitate business communication. For these cases, the predictive dialer is often the ideal alternative.

predictive dialer

Nowadays call center software has many applications and add-ons. The objective of these programs is to fulfill different functions and guarantee efficiency. It should be noted that achieving a good customer service ensures not only that customers are retained, but also that more of them arrive. The history of today’s large corporations is tied to the guarantee of good service.

Predictive dialer enables efficient care

Medium-sized and large companies have one thing in common, and that is the increase in demand for customer service. Some companies are bottlenecked in their growth process, precisely because they can’t afford to increase their customer service capacity. Unfortunately, hiring too many telemarketers is not always the solution.

In fact, even the largest companies tend to have hiring caps in order for the business to be fully profitable. This implies that, at some point, it will be necessary to find a way to have better customer service with the same number of operators, because the call center is just one of the departments of a company. This is where the predictive dialer can make a difference, even against the competition.

Call launchers are automations that allow a company to improve its efficiency in the outbound calls department. Basically, they allow calls to be launched without relying on telemarketers, boosting work efficiency. In this case, the predictive dialer allows to predict when a telephone agent might be free, to improve response times and the service itself.

What characterizes the predictive marker?

There are businesses in which hundreds or thousands of calls must be made daily to customers. For example, a bank that needs to deliver credit cards to its users illustrates this reality, although there are many other economic activities that require this service. Basically, predictive dialer allows to improve productivity in the call center, when there are very long phone lists or high volume work.

Predictive dialing consists of a system with algorithms that calculate how often a telemarketer will be free to answer a new call. In addition, this system also requires telephone agents to be more efficient, gradually improving the time and number of calls in the outbound department. That is why it is called predictive dialer and its operation is due to artificial intelligence applications.

In the case of a small call center or one that is in its beginnings, it would be best to use a progressive dialer. In other words, progressive dialer and predictive dialer are two dialers alike, but aimed at different purposes or different business realities. The truth is that both will improve the work in the outbound call departments, which is usually aimed at selling, charging or offering. That is why knowing this type of technological solutions is so important, constituting an advantage over the competition.

Neotel: More than call center call software

In order to have solutions such as progressive and predictive dialer, it is best to bet on a virtual PBX that adds them. In this regard, Neotel has a fairly advanced program with built-in add-ons. Many call centers have to install different programs, buy equipment and have a team of computer engineers to make sure everything works perfectly. In contrast, our software has it all in one easy-to-understand interface and requires no installation.

The predictive dialer is just one of the dozens of solutions that our virtual PBX has for business owners. The best thing is that we offer you the cheapest virtual PBX, with the best plans, suitable for the type of investment that each entrepreneur can make. Right now, you can start with the cheapest plan and if you need another complement, you can add it and scale the solutions as the private initiative grows. Those who have questions about the service can contact us directly, through our phone numbers or through our website.