How to change my physical telephone switchboard to a virtual switchboard?

Do you have an Internet connection? Great! Since this is only what you will need to be able to use Neotel’s virtual switchboard.

Your company is faster and more productive with Neotel software.

Aware of the need that arises to the company to have a software for its call center that is hosted in the cloud, Neotel brings you its switchboard that is integrated in turn into our CRM, all hosted virtually in the secure servers of Neotel.

What advantages does Neotel software bring to your call center?


Your office will always be with you with the Neotel cloud software. It does not matter where we are. Being hosted in the cloud you only need an Internet connection and you are ready to use it.

With Neotel’s virtual switchboard, our company gains professional image quality for its clients.

Thanks to Neotel you do not have to worry about anything anymore. Neotel is the solution to all your Telephony problems.

What are you waiting for to contact us? Let us help your call center to achieve all the goals you set for yourself.

What are the differences between a virtual switchboard and a physical switchboard?

Main differences between the Neotel virtual switchboard and the physical telephone switchboard:

  • Thanks to VoIP technology, companies can make use of their entire system only through an Internet connection.
  • You should also consider that the virtual switchboard does not generate maintenance costs.
  • Significant reduction in your telephone bill when you hire the Neotel virtual switchboard. And there is no initial investment in hardware. Since the entire system of the switchboard is hosted on the Neotel cloud servers.
  • With a physical switchboard the company has to buy hardware machinery necessary to use it. With the PBX our not.

Do not hesitate and migrate your old physical switchboard with the Neotel PBX. They are all advantages and no disadvantages as you have already seen.

The Neotel virtual switchboard is far superior to the physical telephone switchboards

If you have doubts about this comparison that we write here in our blog, you can call Neotel without any commitment and we will inform you more in detail. We are here to answer your questions. At the beginning and normally due to ignorance, it is normal that unknowns arise.

What are the reasons for hiring an IP PBX?

Keep in mind that with the virtual switchboard you can offer the best service to your customers. There is no comparison with the physical switchboard in terms of options, configurations and limitations.

And it’s not just a matter of saving money, (which of course also):

  • Possibility of adding more or less lines to your switchboard. Integration of modules that adapt to your needs.
  • It is used through an interface (web screen) that has been designed precisely with the idea that any person without having advanced knowledge in Telephony is able to configure and use only its virtual switchboard.
  • The management is also very simple.

It is mainly true that one of the reasons why call center companies migrate to the switchboard with Neotel is because of the savings on the telephone bill.

Opt now for the Neotel IP PBX

And what happens if you still do not have any physical switchboard in your company? No problem. Call us and we inform you equally so that you can install a virtual switchboard in your company.

The Neotel PBX control unit includes the widest range of options for call centers

With Neotel the advantage that you have as our client is that you do not have to worry about permanences because they do not exist. Never.

Another one of the main points along with the saving of money is the one that we have already mentioned before: the complete suppression of investing in physical hardware.

Today the competition in any sector is very high. And at Neotel we know this. Call us right now and we will study your needs in order to offer you the best tailored solution for your company.


Your call center or business is crying out for Neotel’s virtual telephone exchange

With the virtual telephone exchange we improve the work productivity of the call center agents.


A single Web platform: this is what you will find with our software

When not having stays with Neotel, there is no risk.

The virtual switchboard has many advantages and its operation could not be easier

If your business is a call center, telephone sales or telemarketing, Neotel’s virtual telephone exchange is the solution to your problems.