CRM is much better than traditional databases

Many businesses understand the advantages of having a database system and feeding it on a daily basis. In fact, this tool is just as useful for businesses as it is for companies that offer services. But what if there was a much better tool with features that help you sell more? The truth is that this has already existed for some time and is known as CRM. It is one thing to accumulate information in a system and another to do it in an intelligent and interconnected way.

It is not that traditional databases have a problem. To tell the truth, they have fulfilled their mission and in some business formats this can work. But CRM is a system capable of helping to sell, of reminding employees of important things and with a huge interactive potential. If you have a business and want to know more about it… Keep reading!

Databases are being replaced by CRM


A database is a system in which information useful to a business can be uploaded and queries can be made. Although this sounds very simple, in reality, some systems tend to be very complex in their operation. For example, banking systems often require special staff to add new customer data, or additional applications. This is very impractical, because the flow of information does not occur in real time.

Other databases do allow new information to be added easily, but it just sits there. In other words, many of these applications do not have a way of notifying the rest of the workers or the company that there is something new. In addition, sometimes the record can be somewhat disorganized and the system can be difficult to manage. In any case, CRM is a tool where you can still collect important information for the business, but with many additional advantages.

CRM stands for customer relationship management, which translates into English as «Customer Relationship Management». As can be seen from its name, this system goes beyond data storage and facilitates the relationship between a business and its customers. For this, forms and ways of interaction are built for the fluid and relevant management of the information stored there. It is an interconnected flow that starts from the customer’s call to the final sale.

What does a CRM look like?

A CRM fulfills the functions of the database and far exceeds it. In this, not only can you see customer information, but you can also obtain much more accurate data. For example, in these systems you can easily check what was the last contact with the customer. In fact, if the customer called, the operator can leave a small note, indicating whether the customer is interested in a product. It is also possible to escalate a user to another department that can make a sale over the phone.

Databases are usually not very dynamic and only serve to verify information. CRM has dynamic sections that allow different managers and departments to share information about a user. That is why this type of system is specially designed to improve the level of sales, whether we are talking about products or services. The best thing is that everything is connected to the telemarketing software, or virtual switchboard.

From the moment a customer calls the business, the telemarketer or manager can see the data provided by the customer through the IVR. This is very positive, because on the one hand it is possible to verify the customer’s data to know how to direct the attention. On the other hand, the system is responsible for collecting such a fundamental piece of information as the telephone number, which is vital when it comes to marketing campaigns of all kinds. If used strategically, CRM will help any business make money.

Neotel: CRM, telemarketing software and more

Neotel’s main product is telemarketing software. However, we want entrepreneurs and companies to have everything they need to be able to offer complete communication. This is one of the factors that differentiates large emporiums from stagnant companies. Having Neotel’s virtual pbx means having access to a set of tools that facilitate customer service, collection tasks and, of course, new sales. If you are interested in our CRM, contact us.