What are the advantages of VoIP Telephony when compared to traditional telephony?

Advantages of voip technology:


video call and video conferencing in the cloud

This technology offers endless possibilities in terms of call management is not possible with traditional telephony Scalability, updating and maintenance: when we refer to voip telephony we must understand that this is a technology constantly updated. However the costs of maintenance or update of this are null for the client. Accessibility: the voip allows to use a fixed phone from anywhere in the world no matter where we are. All you need is an Internet connection to use this phone system.the whole voip is managed from a software.



webrtc line

Installation costs with traditional telephony are very high. This is not the case with voip telephony. With voip telephony there are no installation costs some. Once clarified the differences between voip telephony and analog is clear as one benefits more than the other. Linked (although not mandatory) IP phones appear. Take advantage now and buy your terminals with a 15% discount in our online store using the code NEOTEL15.From computer to computer: it is the simplest. You only need two computers with an Internet connection and a microphone. (webrtc lines) As you have seen there are several types of voip telephony, with voip telephony come possibilities such as communication between more than two people and video call.