Are you ready for the Telework?

Because now it’s time to take care of the important things Neotel helps you to make teleworking not a problem anymore.

Neotel provides a number of tools for anyone interested. So that your workers can stay at home confined and respecting the rules imposed by the government. Rules that affect us globally due to the current pandemic. Without having to go to the office, your workers can do the same work from their homes:


  • Video calls and video meetings: Because teleworking doesn’t mean we can’t communicate like we used to. Now with Neotel’s free video call for all your customers, staying connected is easier than ever.
  • Telephony: Without the need for a physical phone, simply through a browser with microphone and speakers, calls in the company are made as before and without risk of contagion when going outside.

Neotel and its essential tools for teleworking

All these tools, integrated within your Neotel user panel, without the need to invest or buy anything, or pay any special added fee. All the tools for teleworking in the safest way.


videoconferencing at work

If you didn’t know yet about working from home, teleworking, Neotel wants you to start using it now. It’s very easy. Contact us for more information.