virtual fax

Virtual fax and new uses of its technology

A couple of decades ago, companies introduced fax machines to office work. This invention facilitated communication and the sending of documents and notifications. Soon the computer and the Internet arrived, which eclipsed the rest of the technologies. However, many people still use the virtual fax and its predecessor.

The fax has certain very specific advantages that give it validity within some companies. In others, it has simply become a reliable and customary resource. Many businessmen may find it difficult to keep up with the technological update. In any case, today it is known that it is positive and necessary to have access to this type of equipment.

The traditional fax and its uses


virtual fax

It seems that the Internet, networks and email cover all communication needs. Nowadays, documents and information are sent and received quickly, expeditiously, at no cost and with a high degree of security. However, there are some particularities that only the fax ensures.

The fax allows to generate an acknowledgment of receipt that is really infallible, saving some errors of the technology. When the confirmation of the sent document arrives, you know that it was printed as it was sent. Although this is a somewhat archaic mechanism, it ensures rapid communication.

Another of its great advantages is that the traditional fax works with a telephone line. This means that if one day there is an Internet failure, it is feasible to use this mechanism. For this reason, many companies and even the public administration have not stopped using the bureaufax.

Virtual fax: a step towards integration

Nowadays faxes have merged with e-mail and the Internet. This application is known as virtual fax and basically allows you to send or receive communications via email. In other words, an email can be sent to a physical fax.

For this purpose, the module allows the incorporation of the fax number to which the fax will be sent. In the same way, the client is provided with a number so that he can send faxes and also send them to the email. Neotel offers this system in addition to its call center software.

The virtual fax opens an additional way to negotiate with some customers and companies that use this technology. In Spain, many small companies, businesses and entities still use this method very frequently to send documentation. When dealing with governmental institutions, this resource is essential.

Neotel’s virtual fax

Neotel’s virtual fax is a service that anyone can easily contract. The contracting party can use a number in Spain or an international one. The company can assign numbers from at least 200 countries worldwide.

Neotel has many other interesting modules such as the platform for video calls. Everything works by VoIP telephony and does not require complex installations. Each service is perfectly compatible with the company’s virtual PBX service.