What are the advantages of the Virtual PBX for companies?

Advantages of the virtual switchboard for companies

There are many advantages to using a virtual switchboard in the company. From greater efficiency to savings. We will tell you the main ones below.

Greater control

The company has greater control by offering call recording and statistics.


Features such as the welcome message help improve your company’s image.

It helps you project a better professional image as there will be no unanswered calls. None.

A more economical solution

The supplier can configure and maintain the switchboard remotely which means significant savings for the company (customer).

As it is not a physical device and therefore does not require a physical space, it is a cheaper solution than the physical switchboard.

Mobility and flexibility


virtual pbx

You can make and receive calls wherever you are.


Calls are automatically routed to the right person. This makes this system more functional.

To this day there are still many companies that debate between traditional switchboard or virtual pbx. Here are just some of the main features of the virtual pbx on the physical switchboard to try to resolve all doubts about it.

Unfortunately there are still many companies that do not enjoy the advantages of the virtual switchboard.

The advantages of the virtual switchboard over the physical switchboard are many

As you can see there are many advantages when contracting a virtual switchboard over a physical switchboard. However, we recommend that you contact us so that we can analyze the situation of your business and advise you for free with the best solution specific to you.