What are the benefits of working with virtual services?

The virtual pbx is usable in table and mobile telephones.

The concept of virtual pbx is broader than at first thought. The main features of the virtual pbx’s systems are:

  • Receive and send emails.
  • Generate massive advertising
  • Communicate between extensions / departments.
  • Register personal data of clients.
  • Send text messages to mobiles.
  • Receive and send internal communications.
  • Redirecting calls.
  • Record, receive and send calls.
  • Telephone conversations.


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With the virtual telephone exchange the software is synchronized with the different telephone lines. As it is a system hosted in the cloud, this is an important saving.

Save on costs with virtual services

The virtual switchboard, unlike how it happens with physics, means a great saving of money in terms of configuration means.


virtual pbx

Bet on virtual services

Actually working with cloud services brings benefits always. Some companies still unaware of what virtual switchboards are may mistakenly think that there are disadvantages in the use of these services. Nothing more erroneous.