The importance of monitoring in start-ups

Large call centers rely on procedure manuals and defined responses to problems. In contrast, new companies are not very clear about these guidelines due to a lack of experience and inexperience that are typical of any start-up. Fortunately, new entrepreneurs have monitoring as a key tool to define processes.

The success of any call center lies in the ability of its managers to produce standardized responses. These are usually accumulated in customer service manuals and are taught to each new employee. It seems a simple detail, but it is what allows work teams not to collapse in the face of customer demands. Precisely, the monitoring module of the call center software will make it possible to elaborate and find these procedures.

Efficiency is the goal of monitoring

Call center monitoring makes it possible to verify the performance of operators on each call. From this, the authorities of a call center can listen to the calls and even guide the teleoperator in the middle of a difficult situation. Companies with a track record only use this tool to evaluate the management of their employees.


monitoring the call center software

Reaching optimal levels of service and response can take time and effort. However, new ventures can create their own service manuals by evaluating their customers’ calls. In this way, the call center will have a plan to carry out the work according to the real needs of the users. Therefore, monitoring can be key to ensure efficiency in the midst of growth.

The more customers buy products or services, the more difficult it will be to serve them. The right thing to do is to be able to generate good answers, fast, not cumbersome and that allow to serve a greater number of customers. Otherwise, the call center will be overwhelmed by a high number of calls and dissatisfied users. It should be noted that customer service is key to building a company’s image.

How can monitoring be leveraged in the new company?

Based on monitoring and the virtual call recorder, the first customer service procedures can be created. To do this, it is enough to take a sample of calls and verify which are the most common complaints. From here, you can design ways of responding and proceeding to solve the customer’s problem.

You can also analyze the dialogues of the operators to design a pleasant speech. There are academic proposals and essays on the subject, but it is also possible to act on input from customers. In this way, coordinators can create greetings, call closings and other resources to improve the customer experience.

These tips are very useful in service companies that have a customer service department. However, you can also study the development of calls in telemarketing and outbound departments. This is a reminder of how positive it is to have a virtual PBX: all data is hosted in the cloud and easily accessible.