Utilities and functions of monitoring in the enterprise

The company has its own internal quality controls to improve customer service.  In the case of call center management, monitoring is the module that allows correcting operator failures. Properly used, this tool can make a company be better perceived by customers and, from there, generate higher profits.

The main function of call center software is to manage communication. In fact, this management goes beyond the operator’s functions or connecting the different devices in the contact center. The best way to ensure that agents provide empathetic, personalized attention in line with the company’s values is to monitor their management.

What is monitoring?



Call monitoring involves listening to the content of the conversations that telemarketers have with customers. Usually, this type of work is done by the room coordinator or supervisor. However, thanks to the advance of today’s telephone pbx, this management can be done even by the owner of a small store, from his or her smartphone.

In the past, there was specialized software that allowed verification of calls recorded on servers. Since the incorporation of cloud storage, saving records and reviewing them has become much simpler. It should be noted that the call recorder is essential for monitoring.

The monitoring module consists of the virtual call recorder and the Spy and Whisper system. In Neotel’s case, there is also a third element called third party verification, which is a useful complement for the telemarketing department.

Virtual call recorder

The virtual call recorder allows to keep a detailed, organized and verifiable record of incoming calls to the call center. Monitoring is done by listening to the recorded conversations. This allows to verify that the operators comply with the dialogues, canons and rules established to address customers. Their performance in handling each case, if it is a call center, is also evaluated.

Most of the companies that offer virtual PBX allow a minimum range of time to store calls. For example, Neotel keeps the recording of calls for two months from the basic service. However, each company sets different limits on the storage service.

Those who want to have all of their recordings can sign up for the premium virtual call recorder service. In any case, monitoring is partially dependent on call recording. This is a proprietary operation of the PBX that stores the data in the cloud.

The Spy and Whisper system

Monitoring is not exclusively done by going back to the operators’ calls. The virtual PBX also allows supervisors to listen to their telephone agents’ calls in real time. Basically, the software allows them to listen to the call and even intervene in it.

Just as the management tools make it possible to mute the call or transfer it, at the supervisory level they also make it possible to contact the agent. It is precisely this modality that is called Spy and Whisper. This type of monitoring allows the teleoperator to be guided in the event of a complicated call, or when he/she is in the training phase.

Both the monitoring of recordings and the Spy and Whisper system allow different types of supervision. In fact, depending on how the monitoring sessions are planned, different results can be achieved. The goal is always to improve the quality of service and to train operators.

What is monitoring for?

The monitoring module allows, broadly speaking, to perform an internal control of the service. However, this involves different activities and the achievement of several internal objectives. First of all, monitoring should be used to understand how telephone operators do their job.

Monitoring is a training tool for operators. By reviewing the management of each agent, you can show them their successes and failures. This can be achieved by reviewing one or two calls per session, which is quite simple and quick to do.

Conducting monitoring sessions also allows you to identify operators who are performing very inefficiently. For sure, using this mode in a methodical way allows to evaluate the attention of the staff. At the same time, it is a sign of the management offered by the company to its customers. In fact, from this module it is possible to organize a whole line of internal work to improve the service offered.

The role of monitoring for new companies

Monitoring can be a central element for companies that are just opening their customer service departments. In fact, this module can help define the rules, operations manuals and dialogues that the entrepreneur wants for his company.

In the past, numerous call centers have created ways to solve their users’ problems through this implementation. The answers, mechanisms, procedures and service rules often come from monitoring-based analysis. In fact, this module makes it possible to solve special situations that occur in call centers.

It doesn’t matter if a new company has no experience with customer care. If its analysts use the monitoring module and analyze what happens there, they will be able to generate more convenient elements for communication. Over time, procedures will be simplified to ensure better service.

Three elements that work from monitoring

Evaluation instruments: In order to correctly evaluate the agents through monitoring, it is necessary to build evaluation instruments. In this way, the company sets the criteria for measuring the work of its teleoperators. In this way, a scoring scheme is created to provide a certain objectivity to the reviews.

Scale of promotions: Within a call center, monitoring is the best way to know the capabilities of each operator. Depending on what the evaluations show, operators can be recommended for other areas or even justify promotions. In this way, the company ensures that it continues to hire quality personnel according to their skills.

Complementary training courses: The weaknesses detected in a group of operators could indicate the need to reinforce training. This is why companies take the time to carry out educational activities to improve the skills of telephone agents.

Planning incentives through monitoring

Monitoring also makes it possible to check which employees should receive incentives and to what extent. In the course of business, rewards for exceptional performance are essential. Their administration can motivate operators not to slacken in the quality of their service. Indeed, this has become a common resource for the best companies.

One of the problems in awarding these incentives is the criteria for establishing them. In general, companies establish different payments based on the quality of management. In contact centers, monitoring results are often one of the criteria for special bonuses.

For this, it is essential to have a management evaluation tool. In this way, incentives are established based on the merits of the agent. Undoubtedly, monitoring is involved in multiple internal processes of companies. It does not matter whether the company is in the service or sales area: the objective is to improve the quality of service.

Basically, monitoring is a module that makes it possible to organize the work environment more than just communication. Its results are the basis for standardizing processes, evaluating workers, establishing incentives or promotions or even dismissals.

Neotel monitoring: quality controllership

Neotel’s management module offers monitoring with recorded calls and spy and whisper. Between the two, it is possible to review calls by recording and also in real time. Both modalities are necessary to evaluate the management of teleoperators. The basic virtual recorder service allows an exhaustive follow-up of the service provided.

Neotel also offers the third party verification service that allows to corroborate the sales closed via telephone. This add-on is ideal for outbound call departments. If the sale requires the explicit consent of the customer, it is important to have this add-on. In this way, companies also have a support of their activity in case of any inconvenience.

The Neotel recorder has a wide recording capacity and it is always feasible to opt for the premium service. This offers a capacity to record the equivalent of two years of conversations. The interface allows you to download calls, forward or rewind them easily. This is part of what our innovative cloud-based call center software offers. Contact us for more information, we have the best modules at the best prices in the market.