Contracting a 900 line: unifying the company’s numbers

Publicizing a company involves organizing various aspects related to its products and services. Advertising goes beyond commercials or the management of social networks. For example, telephone numbers can be more than a means to serve customers, they can be a significant part of the company’s image. Hiring a 900 line allows you to simplify commercial communication and give greater diffusion to the company without much effort.


contracting a 900 landline

Having a unique contact number and keeping it over time ends up becoming a network to catch new customers. Brands that have characteristic elements that are easy to remember have better opportunities than their competitors. The ability to attract new customers increases because you have a presence that is internalized even by people who are not familiar with the product.

Companies with many phone numbers sell less

Before social networks, it was normal to see companies that had good advertising but were inaccessible to the public. People suddenly managed to remember the brand and when trying to locate the contacts it was simply impossible to access them. It was very common to call the telephone operator to look for information and get up to four different numbers. In the end, this generated a great distance between the company and the customer, who ended up looking for another alternative.

Even today there are companies with several registered numbers and when a person calls, they are simply suspended. This represents a big problem not only in terms of customer service, but also in terms of image. Trying to make contact with a company and not finding it is discouraging sales. The company loses visibility and if the competition is easy to access, it simply has the upper hand.

On the contrary, hiring a 900 line is to give the potential customer a key that allows him to get in touch with the products offered. The mere fact of having this telephone prefix can help people learn the number, even without realizing it.

The advantages of contracting a 900 line

Many firms make advertising audiovisuals where the center of the publicity is their customer service number. Their managers know that this will allow more people to get in touch with the product offered. The 900 prefix has the particularity that it makes people learn the number faster. Everything is controlled by the call center software and calls will be forwarded to all operators.

Another positive aspect of hiring 900 lines is that they are free for callers. This implies an extra motivation and unconsciously the customer will prefer to call companies that offer this possibility. What the company pays is repaid with the large number of new sales and business that will be closed as a result of this adjustment. The important thing is to find telephone companies that have a low cost per minute as is the case with Neotel.

The minutes of a 900 line are cheap and in the end the companies do not invest too much. Unifying the numbers into one will allow that single number to become a powerful advertisement in itself. The best companies that offer virtual pbx usually have this service for businessmen. It is not an expense but a good investment.