VoIP service: between which options to choose?

The VoIP service is mainly characterized by the multiple functions it offers to the companies that acquire it, becoming the strategic ally of the functioning of the communications of every company, and focusing its efforts in providing the best support service to telemarketers and workers in general.

Nowadays, it is necessary to have many options that not only provide us the ability to communicate, but that communication must be effective and optimal and, added to this, provide diverse options to go further with the client and forge ties indispensable for the quality of proportion of a specific service.


There are many options to choose from, but keep in mind that with the Neotel VoIP service, you are going to play it safe


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International numbers, the option of CRM, automatic redial, corporate calendar, multi-conference and virtual fax, are the incredible options that the VoIP service has for you. What you should always keep in mind for the choice of these options, is undoubtedly the needs of your company with the main reference of its size or the total of customers or users, workers, agents, telemarketers and others, with which account.

This is important because only then will you know which are the functionalities that best suit it. If your company is powerful, you can choose to involve all your options within your service, since all of them work very well at the same time if you have to cover a large part of your company’s communications thanks to these.

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On the other hand, you can choose to involve within the VoIP service that you acquire, in case your company is medium-range, the options of CRM, automatic redial and even, virtual fax (the international number will depend on whether it is useful or not). ). These options will be comfortable to provide important support in communication and provide optimal service in it.