Virtual fax and other reasons to contract a virtual PBX

Being fully connected is a necessity for any business today. This business maxim goes beyond the use of social networks and other new technologies. In fact, it also means going back to technologies that are not so up-to-date but are used by our potential customers. This is precisely the case of the virtual fax.

Believe it or not, many people still use their old fax machines. In fact, many companies buy this type of equipment and there is still a market and uses for this technological device. Of course, it is not necessary to make such a purchase to be able to send or receive faxes.

Virtual Fax: What is it all about?

virtual fax

Virtual fax is a module of the virtual PBX. Basically, it is a function that allows you to receive or send faxes over the Internet. This basically involves two fundamental tasks:

Send information to physical fax: The virtual fax allows you to use your email to send written information or attachments to a physical fax. The person will receive the communication from their device, regardless of whether it is updated or not. To send the message, you only need to know the recipient’s number.
Receive information sent from a fax: The virtual fax module also allows you to receive material sent from a physical fax. Basically, the sender sends to an assigned number and the faxes are sent to the e-mail.

Doing these operations is as simple as sending or receiving an e-mail today. There is also no need for complex installations or highly technical processes. One of the advantages of contracting a virtual PBX is having a program that is easy to use and can be used immediately, without major complications.

Sending faxes over the Internet

The virtual fax needs few resources to function. In fact, almost all the elements required for receiving and sending are used regularly. These are the following:

E-mail: Few people know this, but e-mail from the beginning allowed interaction with the e-mail format. Basically, the virtual fax allows to put into use this already known capability of email to connect digital media with the usual faxes.
A special fax phone number: Faxes have always worked for sending like telephones. Basically, if you want to send a fax, you dial a number so that the information arrives only and exclusively to that sender. Hiring a virtual switchboard allows you to assign a number of this type to the entrepreneur.
An Internet connection: Of course, as everything works from e-mail, it is essential to have a broadband connection or any other type of connection. From this point on, any device can be used to send and receive a virtual fax, or all the necessary ones.

As you can see, using the virtual fax has no major requirements. The contracting of the virtual PBX is key to the allocation of the telephone number. From here, any business can open a communication channel for its users.

Fax is more alive than ever

Many companies and individuals still use the traditional fax as a method for sending and receiving information. In fact, there are companies that still buy this type of device new package. In countries like Spain its impact since the 80’s has been really notorious. It should be noted that the figure of the burofax has legal significance.

Many traders and businessmen who are technologically outdated still resort to this device. However, this is not the only type of customer who still sends or receives faxes. Many suppliers, merchants and even buyers still use this solution on a regular basis. To be honest, there are a few reasons why this equipment is still quite useful.

Employees of law firms, public institutions and clinics have fax machines on their premises. In developed countries such as the United States, Germany and Japan, the culture of using this tool is also maintained.

The advantages of the fax explain its continued relevance

There are reasons that validate the continued use of the traditional fax by many people and companies. In fact, this can be a very useful artifact, despite the advent of the Internet and smartphones:

Electronic signature: although there are currently devices to make and send signed documents, many people are used to sending this type of document by fax. That is to say, this is seen as an infallible means for sending legal documentation of any kind.
It works without Internet: Let’s imagine that a digital telecommunications catastrophe occurs. If the internet goes down for some reason, faxes will still work because they work through a telephone line. This is one of the main reasons why many companies still implement it. If the broadband connection goes down, the fax still works.
Perception of security: For many people fax is still a secure medium. This is actually relative, as is the accuracy of the transmission report. However, for many people it is a more reliable medium than email.

These are some of the reasons why many people still prefer to do business and send personal information using this device. Likewise, this explains the need for the virtual fax service.

Advantages of a virtual fax application

To tell the truth, those companies that have a virtual fax will not use it all the time. Rather, it is an application that allows you to negotiate with those businesses and people who use faxes. Therefore, it is important to understand this tool as a complement. Some of its advantages are the following:

A fax on your devices: having the virtual fax is equivalent to being able to send or receive faxes on any device with internet. This implies an important immediacy, allowing access to this type of document everywhere.
No need to buy a fax: The best thing about the virtual fax is that from its use, entrepreneurs save the cost of buying physical faxes. On the other hand, companies that use this type of device regularly, will have this digital option in case of breakdowns.
It is economical: Having a virtual fax service is very cheap, especially when hiring a virtual PBX. In the case of Neotel, this add-on costs only 8 euros per month. There are more expensive options, especially with those companies that offer this application separately, as the main product.

The virtual switchboard: Why is it necessary in business?

The virtual switchboard is a software that provides endless solutions for business communication. The proof of its versatility is precisely the virtual fax, although this program solves many other things. Although it is known as a call center program, in reality it can be implemented in any type of business.

By contracting a virtual PBX, the company guarantees the possibility of migrating all its communication to IP telephony. This is a great advantage because this technology reduces costs and also allows to take advantage of office devices. Even its implementation is economical because this software is cheap and does not require expensive installations or equipment.

In addition to this, hiring a virtual PBX is ideal for gathering business-relevant information, creating marketing campaigns and formalizing communication. This is just a taste of all the useful and effective tools that this program has. For this reason and much more, any company, regardless of its size or business activity, should have this technological tool.

What is the price of call center software?

The best thing about hiring a virtual switchboard or call center software is that its cost is cheap. Of course, this will always depend on the company with which the service is contracted. At Neotel, the call center software price is adapted to the possibilities and needs of the contracting companies. In fact, we have different plans designed for different customers.

The most basic plans do not exceed 200 euros and have many features that are really interesting. If the entrepreneur wants to add any additional features later, he can simply pay the cost of these. For example, the virtual fax only costs 8 euros in addition to the basic plan of the virtual PBX. Similarly, there are other add-on modules that have different prices and can be chosen by each customer according to their needs.

At Neotel, you don’t have to pay or take all the modules with you even if you don’t need them. Our business model invites the customer to create their own plan, adapted to their business needs. The possibilities of the virtual PBX are many and from time to time there are updates that make it a very functional, attractive and efficient application for business growth.