Virtual fax: Integrating past technology with today’s technology

Companies achieve greater validity and business opportunities while opening more space for communication. Regardless of the type of business or service offered, the important thing is to be able to connect with customers and other stakeholders in every possible way. In this sense, the virtual fax is an excellent tool to integrate the technology of the past with the present.

There are many companies and individuals who have not yet fully upgraded their technology. Beyond this, the main objective of companies is to obtain as many business opportunities as possible. With this in mind, it is essential to be able to use all possible communication channels and methods to facilitate communication. Now, do you know what a virtual fax is?

What is a fax?


virtual fax

The fax machine is a technological device that was very popular in the 1980s and 1990s. In fact, its impact was very pronounced in the business and commercial world of that time. Stores, companies, consulting firms, institutions and other entities turned it into an almost indispensable resource due to the ease with which they could send and receive documents and commercial communications.

The fax is a device that allows messages to be sent by telephone transmission. The materials are scanned printed and then sent through telephone numbers assigned for faxes. Its operation consists of converting the scanned material into a bitmap, being transmitted by electrical signals from the traditional telephone system.

This equipment incorporates three devices in one to perform its functions: a scanner, a printer and a modem. To this day many offices maintain a fax machine for sending and receiving printed material. In some cases this is due to a lack of technological updating and in others, as an emergency mechanism to maintain communication in case of communication failures.

If at any time the Internet connection has problems, companies can maintain the flow of information from this device. That is why many companies keep their old fax machines or even still use them. Understanding this, the concept of virtual fax is born, which implies an important update of this type of technology.

Virtual fax: A necessary upgrade

Virtual fax is a service that allows companies to adapt current media to the traditional fax communication format. Its main function is to enable faxes to be sent and received by e-mail. In reality, the concept implies that messages can be transmitted between a device with an Internet connection and this traditional device.

The functions of the virtual fax are basically two: send information to a fax machine or receive it by e-mail. There is also the possibility of sending them from a web page or from an Office file. This ensures significant adaptability in establishing communications with other companies.

The virtual fax makes it possible to reconcile the technology of twenty years ago with today’s Internet communication resources. In this way, companies open up another possibility for the exchange of important information. In turn, this creates greater business opportunities because interaction is simplified.

Many companies still use faxes

According to an IDC survey, at least 82% of employees in 200 companies still send faxes. Many firms maintained the habit of signing and sending legal documents during the 1980s and 1990s. This is why the custom of using this device is still ingrained in the business world.

In Spain, the use of the fax seems to be very residual. However, many legal formalities must be carried out by means of burofax as stipulated by law. This type of communication is very positive for sending sensitive information securely and urgently.

In countries such as Japan, Germany and the United States, the use of faxes is much more widespread. This implies that many companies globally will need to resort to virtual fax when conducting transnational exchanges and agreements.

Three activities where fax is still used

Companies working in the healthcare field are used to receiving and sending faxes online. In clinics, doctors’ offices and medical equipment suppliers, this device is still frequently used. One of its major applications in hospitals is the secure transmission of patient records using this method. This is necessary, as it is also a matter of not depending on the Internet, which can always fail.

In Spain, public institutions of all kinds are considering sending documents via fax. This is something that is done less regularly as time goes by. However, the security provided by this type of delivery is still a plus. Law firms and judicial institutions have not completely given up on this technology either.

Many small businesses also use fax to send contracts, invoices and orders. In this case, the advantage is often also economic, because this is a cost-effective method. On the other hand, many merchants are used to this technology and prefer to stay with it.

Virtual fax brings businesses closer together

All of the above indicates that almost every company should have a virtual fax service available. Having this tool especially facilitates business-to-business communications. In fact, many suppliers and companies still send documents by fax.

Let’s imagine that an entrepreneur needs to buy goods and finds a supplier with good discounts. The only problem is that the supplier does not work via e-mail and only uses faxes in their negotiations. It is precisely the virtual fax that allows companies to adapt to this type of situation to their advantage.

It is likely that individuals who are potential customers do not use this type of device. However, firms that offer services to other companies may want to have the ability to send and receive faxes. It is in these scenarios that the virtual fax takes on another dimension.

The virtual fax should be understood as a tool that facilitates peer-to-peer negotiations. In fact, this function will simplify the paperwork involved in business purchases. The commercial dynamics of any business is facilitated regardless of whether it is a store, a store, a service company or any other modality.

How does virtual fax work?

Virtual fax is a service that works in a very similar way to the IP PBX. It is not a complex program that requires installation or configuration. Rather, it is a tool provided by a telephone management company such as Neotel.

Companies simply request the virtual fax service and pay a monthly fee to use it. For this, you are assigned a special phone number through which you can receive faxes even to your email. This is essential for a person using this device to be able to send faxes.

If you want to send documents to a fax, you must attach the PDF file. To complete the sending, you only have to put the recipient’s e-mail address in the recipient’s e-mail address and your fax number in the subject line. In fact, doing this is as simple as sending an email.

With this module, you can send an efax from any device with an Internet connection, including smartphones, tablets and other similar devices. In this way, current devices can be integrated with the still used fax, further simplifying communication and sending documentation.

What is Neotel’s virtual fax like?

Neotel’s virtual fax service requires no complicated installations or cumbersome processes. The customer pays only eight euros per month and has immediate access to the service. In this case, a 12-month permanence is established, having one of the most competitive rates in the market. From then on, companies will only need to use e-mail to receive or send faxes online.

Companies and entrepreneurs who contract our virtual PBX can count on this resource instantly. If you are still wondering how a virtual pbx works, it is basically a management system for business telephone communication. It offers functions to provide better service and useful tools to improve telemarketing.

The best thing about this alternative is the security it offers to those who incorporate it into some of their daily tasks. The company can select a national fax number. Or, it can choose an international number if the type of activity it carries out requires it. Neotel offers numbers with prefixes for more than 200 countries around the world.

Virtual fax is just another of the innovative modules offered by our telemarketing software. In this technological solution you will find multiple solutions for business communication, including useful functions to amplify advertising and increase sales. At Neotel we have the best prices for all types of business ventures.