Communication is becoming more important every day, and investments in telephony are expensive, which is why many companies are not using fax, despite its versatility for sending documents, Neotel with its virtual pbx makes available the ease of sending virtual fax with the comfort of your system and without expensive installations.

What is a Fax?

It is a system that transmits data, written or graphic through telephone technology, also known as facsimile to the technological device that allows you to transmit documents, texts and other data generating a telecopy.

What is a virtual fax?

The term virtual fax or internet fax is used to refer to the service that allows you to send and receive faxes using different means (email, web or office automation and internet connection), which allows you to send and receive faxes without having a fax machine, consumable or telephone line.

How to receive and send internet faxes?

The Virtual Fax server integrated in the Neotel Virtual pbx simplifies the data transmission system. Turn your computer, cell phone or any other device into a Fax machine.

You will only need this application and a terminal connected to the Internet, simplifying the use of this procedure, saving time and getting more out of your company’s instant communications.

As easy as entering the recipient’s number from your email or customer area, the documents will reach the recipient as a Fax. It works the other way around as well.

Fax by Voip. Send a fax by internet: mail2fax

To send an Internet fax thanks to the virtual voip fax, we only need to send an email attaching the file in PDF format.

With Neotel’s online fax device this PDF file will be automatically sent to the phone number provided in the email’s subject.

Receiving an Internet fax: fax2mail

As with sending a virtual fax, receiving an Internet fax is much simpler and more accessible than using the old machine.

You will need to have a telephone number assigned to you to receive the faxes, and the PDF documents will be sent to this terminal.

If they are images, the device will convert them into PDF format and they will be sent immediately to the designated e-mail address.

Possible numbers


virtual pbx

You can request both national and international numbers (over 200 countries), so if you need a fax in Madrid, Moscow or New York is only a matter of minutes to have it operational.