How to receive and send a fax over the Internet?

Do you have an Internet connection? Then you already have everything you need to start using the virtual fax.

The virtual fax service makes us forget the classic physical machines to send faxes along with the maintenance they entail. When we send a fax through a fax machine, although the process may seem easy, we must not forget the costs involved in this communication system: light costs, maintenance, repairs, specialist technicians for when our fax machine does not work , etc. With the virtual fax the client only needs to take care of sending the fax. And nothing more.

virtual fax

The virtual fax very surely covers the needs of the vast majority of the public out there; Why do not you give him a chance? Call Neotel and ask about this service and we will advise you without obligation

Neotel is one of the companies that has struggled the most to bring communication systems to the public. The same thing happened with the fax machine. Here Neotel has taken a step further, unifying two technologies, Internet and Fax, to create what virtual fax calls.