Call recorder: training the telephone operator

The call recorder is one of the call center software tools that allows maintaining a quality and prestigious call center department. Many companies use this module as a way to verify the quality of service provided to users. Others, on the other hand, implement it as a practical way to keep a record of business conversations. To tell the truth, this is a very useful system at the professional level.

Large companies with customer service centers take advantage of the call recorder as an educational resource. In addition, it is important to clarify that its work is not limited to the call center, being equally necessary for any business. This is so because the attention to users is neuralgic in any company. Now, do you know what this technological solution is all about?

What is a call recorder?

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The call recorder of the call center software is an application that allows recording all incoming and outgoing phone calls in a company. From its use, companies store large amounts of conversations related to their business activity. This type of data is considered commercially important, subject to protection by law, and its recording allows various internal tasks to be carried out.

In addition to the application that records each telephone call, companies must have appropriate storage space to store such digital information. In the past, firms that had a call center had to invest in expensive data centers and servers to be able to maintain this type of backup. Today, thanks to cloud storage technology, companies do not need to redirect funds into such facilities.

Nowadays, renting a virtual PBX service is more than enough to be able to make this record. This is one of the advantages brought by the Internet and new digital storage techniques. The call recorder is just a part of the monitoring module.

Why is the call recorder useful at the enterprise level?

There are many compelling reasons why companies use the call recorder. Broadly speaking, what the call recorder allows is to be able to review internal work. Thanks to this application, it is possible to review the attention that the company is offering to its customers, how telemarketers are attending and even to review a problem or specific case that occurs with a user.

This review capability can be used in many ways by companies, regardless of the economic activity in which they are engaged. The call recorder can improve many aspects of customer service, both at the institutional level and in terms of direct communication with users.

In fact, the call recorder allows to review the processes and responses of the company. Listening and analyzing the records will help to identify problems generated by the company to its customers, to seek their solution and offer a better service. Being able to correct or facilitate procedures always improves the users’ perception of the company. That is why it is so important to increase the level of service at all times.

Call Recorder: Improving company processes

Stored calls are a reflection of the problems presented by the customer with regard to the work of a company. This is critical, especially for companies that sell services of all kinds. Call center firms can reinvent themselves and improve by reviewing recorded call backup.

Being able to listen to recorded calls makes it possible to identify problems presented by groups of customers. If, for example, a particular failure occurs in a bank’s system, the number of incoming customer reports will alert managers. This, in turn, will allow them to have input and generate both solutions to the problem and responses to reassure customers.

Sometimes, analyzing the recordings helps to improve the solutions, reports or procedures in place. To be sure, many of the procedures that are still in place in customer service centers have been developed thanks to this module. This gives us an idea of the impact of using the call recorder at the enterprise level.

Call Recorder: training the operator

One of the biggest problems faced by companies is the management of teleoperators. Those who are new entrants are unfamiliar with the applications and are often inexperienced. On the other hand, some simply do not perform their job with empathy and in the right way. In both cases, the call recorder allows the teleoperator to be educated.

Although companies usually educate their new recruits with training courses, nowadays it is understood that education within companies must be continuous. Precisely, one of the ways to educate personnel is to invite them to listen to their own calls. In this way, the operator can internalize what he does correctly and where he makes mistakes.

Recorded calls are an example for the telephone agent of what to do and what not to do. In fact, each call is an example of what the service should be and what mistakes to avoid. In fact, there are many educational activities that can be done within the call center, based on the call recorder records.

Call recorder: three training activities

In prestigious companies, different types of activities are carried out to improve the training of telephone operators. Probably the ones that have the most impact are those reinforced by the call recorder records. Here are three activities that you can implement in your call center or company:

Training courses: Companies conduct courses to reinforce the knowledge of their workers. This is very common in call center rooms and other customer service jobs. In these training activities, call recordings are used as an example to indicate what is correct and what is not, when attending to users.
Personalized training: A very effective way to train telephone agents is to give them a personalized talk. In this case, the coordinator or supervisor can review the calls handled by the specific teleoperator and let him/her hear what he/she is doing right and what is not.
Staff evaluation: Many companies go beyond training and create evaluations. From this formula, the operator can correct his faults, motivating himself through the ratings. In many call centers this dynamic is used to distribute special bonuses and make promotions with objectivity.

The call recorder is not only for the call center.

The aforementioned examples are situations that are commonly seen in a call center. However, any type of company or business that has telephone communication with customers should implement the call recorder.

For example, an online store that has two people in charge of handling orders and inquiries via telephone, can implement this module to verify if they provide adequate attention. Similarly, if a company has a telemarketing department, this module allows to verify how the telemarketers are performing.

This module is also very useful for third party verification. This is a practice that is usually done when a customer needs to change a service plan or buy something over the phone. Of course, this is another of the functions that are part of Neotel’s advanced monitoring module.

Neotel monitoring module: What functions does it have?

The call recorder and cloud storage space are the most important part of the monitoring module. Added to this is the spy and whisper module, which allows call center coordinators to listen in on the calls of their telephone operators. Similarly, the owner of an online store can listen to the managers of his accounts and telephone lines.

In addition to these functions, there is the third-party verification function mentioned above. This has been designed to verify purchases of products or services over the phone. In this way, companies have their backs covered in the event of any errors. One of the great advantages of the monitoring module is that it is an excellent resource for complying with consumer and data protection laws.

The monitoring module with call recorder, spy and whisper and third party verification comes with the Neotel call center software contract. No matter the plan chosen by our client, these are benefits of contracting our call center and telemarketing software service. In addition, we have the most competitive virtual PBX plans and prices in the market.

In addition to this, we also offer the premium call recorder that allows you to increase the space available for call backup by up to one terabyte. In this way, the equivalent of two years of continuous recording can be saved. Neotel offers you what you need to record your business calls, review them and improve the quality of service you offer to your users.