Virtual PBX call recorder: educating your telemarketers

We all know that business calls are recorded. This is usually done to monitor the quality of customer service and also to check the purchase of products and services via telephone. There is also a lot of talk about national laws that oblige employers to perform this back up. However, the virtual PBX call recorder also serves another purpose: to educate telephone operators.

Call recording should not only be considered as a tool to penalize internal mismanagement. In fact, keeping a record of recorded business conversations helps to avoid poor quality, erratic and deficient customer service. It should be noted that the image that consumers have of the company will depend on this, which is no small thing.

Listening to recorded calls provides guidance to the novice teleoperator

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Call centers are often characterized by constant employee turnover. For this reason, the educational work of human resources departments is constantly tested. Each new hire involves the management of human capital that, with or without experience, will have to go through a learning process. The objective will always be to ensure that these telemarketers are able to answer or make calls based on the company’s criteria and principles.

This is where the educational role of the virtual PBX call recorder comes in. In fact, one of the most didactic elements in a customer service center are the recorded commercial conversations. They serve as an entry point for new recruits to distinguish between correct and poor quality management. In the midst of a training course, this can be a resource to ground novice telemarketers so that they understand how to do their job.

However, the virtual PBX call recorder is not only an excellent introduction to the job. In fact, this is an element that can be used in various educational tasks, throughout the recruitment of telemarketers. Basically, the records and the ability to record conversations will allow workers to raise their level.

Evaluating, correcting, and rewarding

Having a virtual PBX with a call recorder allows for a wide range of educational activities with tele-operators. In fact, from here, it is possible to implement a performance evaluation system for each agent. It should be noted that the recorder is part of a much more complete monitoring system in the case of Neotel.

With the call recorder, real-time evaluations can be made for each individual teleoperator. In the same way, it is feasible to use the record of each agent and evaluate their performance.  Regardless of the method preferred by the coordinators, the objective of this type of activity is to make the workers aware of their deficiencies. In this way, they can improve their service by internalizing their mistakes.

By evaluating and correcting, telemarketers learn and improve. Of course, this means an incremental improvement in the management and productivity of each of a company’s telemarketers. Likewise, bonuses to telemarketers can be made based on their performance. To this end, tests can be carried out based on the company’s customer service standards. The virtual PBX call recorder can be of great help if it is used well.

Neotel has the best call recorder virtual switchboard

Neotel’s virtual PBX not only has a high performance call recorder. In fact, our software has a whole monitoring module that is very useful for any kind of enterprise. In fact, other of our add-ons are the spy and whisper system and third party verification.

With the spy and whisper, a coordinator can listen to the call in real time, while a telemarketer is handling the call. If the agent makes a mistake or has a question, his superior can give him advice or tell him what operation to perform in the system to solve the customer’s problem. Third-party verification is an ideal function for selling products and services over the phone.

At Neotel we also have a premium call recorder. This has a larger storage capacity and can record the equivalent of two years of conversation. This special service only involves a small surcharge and is ideal for large companies. If you are interested in this and other complements of our program, please contact us.