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Click to call me back: optimize your website

In times of ecommerce and sales through social networks, having an official website for the company is still positive. In fact, the ideal is to occupy all possible spaces of communication and of course in cyberspace. However, much better than having a website, is to have it in an optimal way so that, in turn, it can attract customers and convert interactions into closed sales. Precisely, the click to call me back plugin is ideal to achieve this.

To be sure, having an optimal website involves some effort and knowledge. But there are simple actions that can be done without the need for an expert in the field. In fact, at Neotel we offer a plugin that, when installed, automatically optimizes any company’s digital portal, regardless of the business area to which it is dedicated.

What is an optimized website?

click to call me back

Having an optimized website implies many things. This is basically summarized in achieving attractiveness, easy navigation and, above all, immediate availability so that the customer can contact the company. The objective of optimizing should be to offer a good service, to compete better with other proposals and to motivate sales. Both attractiveness and easy navigation are two aspects that require the technical knowledge of a designer and a systems engineer.

However, something that can be improved without hiring a consultant is the availability for customers to communicate. For this, the click to call me back is especially practical and effective. This is a button that is placed on one of the pages of the company’s web portal. When an Internet user clicks on it, a box opens that allows the user to enter his or her telephone number so that the company can call him or her back.

This allows a very satisfactory customer-company relationship to be established. Better yet, this is something that empowers any business over most of its competitors, automatically. Truth be told, many businesses have outdated websites with no avenues to connect with the user directly. So having a click to call me back button is a clear advantage.

Click to call me back: making it all easy

Many customers make their purchasing decisions by consulting the Internet. In fact, it is estimated that the percentage of people who do this in the world is around 70%. If, in addition to consulting, users can contact the company at once when they are interested in something, sales capacity is boosted. With this button, customers can perform any of the decisive actions at the time of purchase.

Among these actions is the ability to quote the cost of a service or product, research more about the company, or ask any other question. In addition, with the click to call me back button, users can place orders directly. This is ideal for companies that do not have a fully-fledged digital store. Even companies that have both ecommerce and a digital portal can sell through both channels without any problem.

The more channels for communication and commercial negotiation, the better. This is a principle of marketing and click to call me back will ensure that. In addition, a company that calls its customers back is one that demonstrates its quality and interest up front. In other words, the good impression generated by this type of action greatly enhances the possibility of closing sales. To get this plugin, all you have to do is hire our cheap virtual switchboard and incorporate it into your website.

Neotel has an inexpensive and efficient virtual PBX

Neotel’s IP telephony software is a pioneer in the industry, which is why we offer a product of outstanding quality. Our program is stable, innovative, easy to use and is always subject to new updates and add-ons. The aim is to offer a technological solution for business communication that takes over or facilitates the work every time.

In addition to this, our large customer base and experience allows us to guarantee a cheap virtual PBX. Each customer can select their plan and the modules they wish to use, all within their own budget. The click to call me back button is just one of the special modules of this software. Without a doubt, it is time to make use of this service, which will boost your sales and improve the communication around your business.