Click to call me back: Immediate attention

With the advent of the Internet the options for communicating with the public multiplied. Until recently, the call center was the only means of contact between companies and their users. Today, there are several automated methods that facilitate customer service and that is the case of the click to call me back.


click to call me back

Most of the companies that have been established have websites that they use to have a presence on the web. These pages implement self-management services, as is the case with online banking, for example. However, it is also possible to create spaces for the client to contact a member of the company through the digital portal.

What is click to call me back?

Click to call me back is a special button that is placed on business websites. This module allows the client to request to communicate with an operator or member of the company. Users will have a module in which they can leave their telephone number recorded.

After this, an operator in charge will be able to obtain that number and communicate directly with the client. In this way, it is easier to meet the company’s demand for personalized attention. In the case of smaller companies this is a solution that can mean new business opportunities.

This module allows immediacy and an alternative for those who want to communicate with a business. The benefits of greater communication with users are multiple.

One more tool at our service

The click to call me back button can be used in many ways and it all depends on each business. For example, there are those who use it as a means to get new sales or to get a potential buyer to ask questions. From there, the operator can have a double task of attention and marketing.

In other cases, this module can be placed to attend to requests from regular customers. In any case, the image of the company always grows because it is available to meet the demands of people. It is a tool that complements the regular communication channels.

Best of all, this button can also be installed in e-mails, blogs and company videos. Everything depends on the platform and the use you want to give to this module. The main thing: to expand the channels with which a company can meet its potential customers.