Centralita móvil: Las salas de call center ya no son necesarias

Many new entrepreneurs believe that the virtual PBX is only a program for call center rooms. To tell the truth, every business, no matter how small, requires timely, professional and fully available customer service. Today’s business communication programs go far beyond the call center, making it possible to sell more and provide customer service from the comfort of a smartphone. The proof of this is the mobile switchboard. Today, companies of all types can have telemarketers without having a call center room. There is no need for offices, expensive equipment or complicated installations. To tell the truth, hiring a virtual switchboard service is the only thing necessary to professionalize communication, in an economical and versatile way. Right now we will explain what a mobile PBX is.

What is the mobile switchboard?

mobile pbx

Today’s call center software is characterized by having very useful elements to answer calls professionally and with due formality. For example, there are companies that hire telemarketers who work from home or remotely. Basically, they answer calls to the company from a smartphone, from which they have all the applications of a call center. This is possible thanks to the mobile virtual switchboard. The mobile PBX is a complement to the virtual PBX that allows teleoperators to manage their smartphone as if it were a call center softphone. This means that the worker who has this tool can, for example, mute a call or put it on hold. And this is not a minor issue, since these capabilities let us know that we are being attended by a professional or a company and not someone improvised. In order to have the features of a call center on the smartphone, simple codes are used to incorporate these functions into the smartphone. Mobile PBX can also be understood as using a cell phone as a switchboard.  Of course, having this technological solution is very positive, because it allows to hire freelance teleoperators, without the need to have an office for that.

The advantages of contracting an online switchboard

The mobile PBX is just one of the complements of the virtual PBX software. For those who do not know, this is a program that allows unifying and controlling business communication to get the most out of it. The most important thing that this technological solution offers to any business, even to new entrepreneurs, is that communications are professionalized and with it, entrepreneurship. All entrepreneurs want their businesses to look professional, formal, credible, or to sum it up, trustworthy. This is logical because people do not usually spend money on something that generates risks, but on someone who delivers results. Precisely, the virtual switchboard guarantees aspects of professional communication that give validity and reliability to any company, no matter how new it may be. An online switchboard guarantees any entrepreneur an IVR with a menu of options, so that customers can find formal call center elements without having one. Similarly, this type of program allows calls to be muted or put on hold, something that is very professional when attending to a user. It also has the mobile PBX, which allows you to have all that in a smartphone and programs to make calls in call center and sell more.

Neotel helps you to give your company a professional touch

All the elements shown above indicate to the customer that he is calling a serious and reliable company. The virtual switchboard guarantees a professional image and attention, even to those companies that do not have formal physical offices. In Neotel we also have the best complements so that businessmen can increase the quality of their attention and the amount of sales. The complementary applications of our program are innovative and very effective to develop marketing strategies that increase the income of the companies. Opinions about the virtual PBX in the business sector are increasingly positive. For sure, this type of technology has ceased to be a work complement, to become something indispensable. The largest companies on the planet recognize that this software has a meritorious role to play in business growth. In fact, we are no longer talking about programs to make calls in call centers, but about programs for marketing. If you are interested in this product, please contact us.