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Neotel’s call center software aims at automation

Automation is already a key factor for the company and the development of business activities. The implementation of artificial intelligence is being targeted in business models. If there is one application that is currently compatible with this logic, it is call center software.

One of the most up-to-date software in this area is Neotel’s virtual switchboard. This system offers interesting modules for telemarketing and customer service. It is not necessary to install a large call center room with 40 operators to enjoy the benefits of this application.

What are the automation modules offered by Neotel?

Neotel has developed automated tools that are very useful for companies. Probably the call launchers are the greatest evidence of this. The call launcher is a module that after analyzing some data controls the flow of incoming or outgoing calls.


call center software

The progressive dialer launches outgoing calls when an operator is available. In this way, productivity is no longer dependent on the employee. The predictive dialer, on the other hand, allows you to organize your work by analyzing the entire service system.

The predictive dialer analyzes data such as call flow or response and service time. From there, it designs the possible work and quality standards. Basically, the module ensures that the pace of contact is appropriate to guarantee efficiency.

CRM: key to data collection

Automation and business strategy require quality data to work. It is known that 90% of companies’ strategy is being built from 10% of the information. This affects their effectiveness and business opportunities due to the lack of reliable data.

CRM is a module that allows updating the customer database. It can be said that it is like any other company’s system, only that it can be easily edited. In this way, important data such as customer telephone numbers can be updated and used in telemarketing.

Neotel offers CRM to those who contract its virtual PBX. The system is quite innovative, complete and easy to use. This tool is in addition to the statistical module that allows to know the flow of calls and the productivity of telemarketers.

Call center software hosted in the cloud

The virtual PBX aims to manage communication like the call center software. However, this program is hosted in the cloud and operates over the Internet. That is why these services are now contracted for a fairly low cost. Another advantage is that the application can be used from any device, as long as the worker has a broadband connection.

The best thing about Neotel’s call center software is that it allows the use of several ways of communication. From this application, the employer can use video calls, text messages, fax, e-mail and other mechanisms to contact customers. It is worth taking a look at this technological bet.