Neotel advanced IP switchboard for business

Do you already know Neotel’s advanced IP PBX? Well, if your answer is no, from our blog we could not recommend more that you dedicate only 5 minutes to contact our company and ask us about it. Are you ready to start saving on your telephone bill? Welcome to the Neotel IP PBX!

You only need to have a SIP phone (if you do not have one yet, Neotel provides it to you, ask us) and you are ready to use our advanced IP PBX.

The advanced ip switchboard of Neotel is in constant development, so that customers receive numerous updates throughout the year, all improvements, at no extra cost. Always thinking about the needs of our customers.


virtual pbx

Think that the Neotel IP PBX provides a kind of information that would be impossible to pick up with another type of telephone system: With the Neotel IP PBX you can know how many lines are occupied, how many people are waiting in queue, …

centralita ip

Generate more complete reports for your company with Neotel’s advanced IP PBX.