Yealink Phones

Did you know that all Yealink terminals have the ability to configure an Open VPN client that facilitates confidential and secure communication with an Asterisk IP PBX via the Internet without the need for any additional hardware?

Among the terminals that Neotel sells in its online store, one of the most famous in terms of demand by our customers is the yealink w52p. It is a wireless model with ip/dect technology.

Also noteworthy are the yealink t23g with mini switch to gigabit ethernet and an unbeatable price.

teléfonos yealink

Neotel supplies yealink phones and our experience allows us to guarantee a very remarkable price/quality ratio on most models.

Founded in 2001, Yealink has reached the top of the world’s ip sip phone suppliers. Therefore it is already a brand of recognized prestige that has based its success on designs with great ease of use, functionality and quality, all at a very competitive price.