Does your VoIP service provider provide hardware support?


When a customer buys a terminal, gateway or accessory in the Neotel Online Store, they are paying not only for the physical product, but also for receiving the best possible assistance and support from Neotel that will be at your disposal to help you configure your product. This is not obtained in other places, where other selling companies, as soon as they obtain their money, already want to forget about you, and it is then when the customer realizes that he has disbursed his money in a product that now does not work and what is even worse, is completely abandoned. With Neotel on the other hand, the customer who buys in the store knows that it has multiple ways of support, mail, telephone and whatsapp among others, and that the Neotel Support team will always be «there» to attend. It doesn’t matter what it is. Neotel has put and continues to put a lot of effort into differentiating itself from its competitors, and firmly believes in the business model of End Customer Support, no matter what customer it is.

Maybe you are already a customer of ours. Or else you may already be working with another operator. It doesn’t matter! Our range of yealink terminals, grandstream gateways and accessories is available for sale to everyone.

Buying with Neotel you forget about having to go anywhere else. The whole flow starts and ends (or continues) with us. You’ll never need a third party to set up any terminal you’ve purchased in our store.

Don’t spend more money than necessary when buying your voip telephony products: Investing in Neotel is the cheapest way.

There are many situations in which a person calls us to tell us that he has bought a terminal or a grandstream gateway with another company and that it does not work or simply does not know how to configure it. Now he has tried to contact the selling company and it does not respond. (Something similar has happened to all of us). For these reasons are why Neotel continues to remain high on the podium as an unbeatable solution in the sector of voip.

When someone buys a telephone product that they need in their company and then sees that it doesn’t work as it should and that they don’t receive any technical assistance from the selling company, the feeling of frustration is immense. If this is a familiar situation, now you are in luck, because with Neotel you will never see this kind of situation again.