Telephony remains vital for businesses

Both technology and advances have managed to adjust telephony to our current needs. This is why telephony is still used by all companies.


For SMEs in particular VoIP has become something fundamental. Being able to make calls and be in constant communication with customers without them knowing whether we are on the beach sunbathing, in a cafe or sitting in an office gives workers freedom like never before.


It has a set of important features for optimal call handling.

The flexibility provided by voip technology to companies make this an essential tool.


You do not have to spend large amounts of money on hardware so the investment cost is minimal. On the other hand, if a company needs to be in telephone communication with different countries, either because their customers are located that way or if not the workers themselves, working with voip providers is unbeatable for companies that want to save on the phone bill and currently there is no tariff plan or mobile or fixed that resembles the savings is obtained with the voip.

Already left behind the old physical switchboards stored in cabinets, all full of leds and cables and took up a large space. VoIP on the other hand provides an effective and efficient communication service for companies that recognize that telephony is still the best way to be communicated.