premium virtual call recorder

Premium virtual call recorder: guaranteeing the management of your calls.

One of the best things about the call center is that all management can be controlled. The coordinators can have 100% control of everything that the telemarketers do. The fact is that if the appropriate systems and services are in place, companies can have every piece of information that comes in and goes out of the call center. For this, it is essential to have a premium virtual call recorder.

Even companies that do not have a fully constituted call center can control communication with the customer. If the office has secretaries or a small service department, conversations of a commercial nature can be verified. Knowing how employees communicate with the public is a fundamental part of a company’s success.

Why do you need a premium virtual call recorder?

Hiring a virtual PBX service allows, among other things, to record every incoming or outgoing call. The problem with these services is that they usually have a maximum storage space. For example, if a basic plan is contracted, the contracted company may only offer two months of backup.


hiring a virtual premium call recorder

There are companies that have their own servers and in this case your limitation will depend on other things. Depending on the capacity of the installation or even failures, many recorded calls can be lost. The worst thing is that these failures are common and it only takes a problem in the server or a power failure for them to occur.

Companies like Neotel offer a secure and complete premium virtual call recorder service. This basically ensures that absolutely all recorded calls are backed up. Coordinators and managers can go back to any day and verify a call in a timely manner. This seems like a minor thing but in the long run it can simplify many things.

Benefits of being able to have all calls backed up

Those who work in call centers understand how critical it is to have a complete call log. If for example the company offers services and customers report breakdowns or cases, this will be an indispensable resource. By reviewing each call, it is possible to understand the evolution of the case. It is true that there is software available to create records, but many times these are not well detailed by the operators.

Recordings are key for companies that think about their customers. Coordinators can check whether a customer has indeed been mistreated or assaulted. In this way, corrective action can be taken. To tell the truth, having a Premium virtual call recorder has saved more than one company from quite complicated legal problems.

The Premium Virtual Call Recorder will be a demonstration that the company respects consumers. Coordinators and trainers will use the calls to correct the faults of their telemarketers. In reality, the recordings are a means of internal control to ensure that everything is being done correctly.  Of course, if the company works on correcting deficiencies in its customer service, it will be seen to be doing well externally.