Call Recorder: A necessity for today’s businesses

Telephone sales make up a significant percentage of today’s commerce. As such, it is important for both merchants and service companies to be able to document the negotiations that take place over the phone. In fact, recording calls is often the best way to cover yourself legally. For this, the most suitable and professional technological solution is undoubtedly the call recorder. Until recently, small business owners could use recording apps from the Play Store. However, Google has declared war on this type of application to protect the privacy of users. The good news is that the virtual PBX implements a recorder that works automatically and keeps all records in the cloud.

Call Recorder: How does it work?

premium virtual call recorder

Today’s companies work with online virtual PBX software. These allow to unify communication, control it and support it entirely over the Internet, which is much cheaper than working with traditional telephone companies. The truth is that programs such as Neotel’s incorporate other very useful complements such as the call recorder. This implement is part of the software that controls the entire customer service system of a company. By having it available, all incoming and outgoing calls to the company will be recorded and saved in a specialized storage space for this purpose. The other part of this program add-on is a section in which the entrepreneur can review each call received, if needed. The call recorder is an implement that is used very frequently in call center departments. In general, this module is usually used to verify if a teleoperator is doing his job well. Likewise, its recordings are often used to solve a problem reported by the consumer of a company. The important thing for any merchant is that this technological implement allows to keep record of all calls involving a commercial transaction.

Some key aspects when using a call recorder

There are some call recording software that come separately from the virtual PBX. However, these tend to be expensive and involve somewhat complicated installations. It is much better to have this implement associated to the contact center software or virtual PBX. In this way, the company offering the service simply activates it and automatically all conversations are recorded. Something important to take into account are the legislations that protect the data and the consumer. These are very different in each country, so each entrepreneur must be aware of their own regulations. For example, in Spain, customer calls can only be recorded with the consent of each customer. To do this, a message is used to announce to each person that the call is being recorded. Similarly, data laws indicate how the recordings must be stored. Another important aspect to consider has to do with the storage offered by each company. In fact, each call recording and storage service is completely different from one another. This is a fact that companies should verify before contracting a virtual PBX service with call recording.

Neotel: Call recorder service in high demand

At Neotel we offer a call recorder to all those who purchase the virtual PBX service. In principle, we have basic coverage, with recordings kept for up to two months in the cloud. This is usually sufficient for SMEs and up-and-coming businesses, fulfilling the function of keeping a record that covers the company’s back, from a legal perspective. The businesses and small stores that work with our software have done very well. On the other hand, we also offer the premium virtual call recorder for larger and more demanding companies. This offers greater storage capacity and records that are kept longer. In fact, customers who access this special service have up to 1 terabyte for call recording, which can be stored for up to two years. This is ideal for companies in charge of selling services and the service only involves a small additional charge. At Neotel we have the most stable contact center software and one of the most widely used in the European business sector. In addition, we have more than 20 years of experience in business communication technology, with the best add-ons and a luxury technical service. Contact us and have the best tools to serve your customers, sell and take your business to the next level.