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How to find the best business mobile rates?

Hiring a virtual PBX is not the only way to reduce the cost of business communication. Looking for a flexible mobile rate also saves a little money. The current market is wide and there is a new range of companies offering quality services at a reasonable cost.

Traditional telephone companies often offer expensive contracts. Many entrepreneurs stick with the first company that offered them the service, although there are other options. Another common problem is the permanence clauses with really exaggerated penalty amounts.

Mobile tariff: What does it consist of?


mobile rates

In the past, telephone tariffs simply reflected a portion of the call consumption made by customers. Before the Internet boom, cell phone plans were only divided into two types: prepaid and postpaid. When the cell phone became a Smartphone, tariffs began to be subdivided between call minutes and data service.

At the business level, the usual contracts with telephone companies represented a high cost. With the arrival of the virtual PBX and the birth of new communications companies, services reached high levels of competitiveness. The differences between plans, conditions and benefits today are significant among the different companies.

Of course, costs are not the only variable to consider when it comes to mobile tariffs. Other aspects such as coverage, service functionality and customer service should also be studied before choosing a mobile tariff. In addition to this, current users should read the terms and conditions of contracts carefully.

Contract or prepaid: which is the better option?

An ordinary person may find a top-up or prepaid system favorable. However, a company requires a contract mobile tariff due to the nature of its communications. This is also valid for small businesses or independent entrepreneurs. The flow of calls generated by a commercial activity implies having ample availability.

Contracting a suitable mobile tariff basically involves two things. The first is to study all the proposals available on the market, of which there are many today. Beyond the costs, data and minutes, it is also essential to read well everything stipulated in the contracts. This is more important than many entrepreneurs might imagine.

Plans with unlimited calls are the best ones

It is of no use for a company to sign a telephone contract and have it establish a monthly minute limit. What any business entity should be looking for is as much communication as possible at the lowest cost. This is the only way to be prepared to serve customers and create sales opportunities.

In this sense, the best contracts are those that offer at least unlimited minutes. Beyond this, the rest of the conditions such as the amount of data, the cost of the plan and the permanence clause must still be studied.

Weighing the amount of data and the cost of the plan

The relationship between the cost of the plan and the amount of data offered by the company is vital. To tell the truth, there are several modalities of plans and therefore the matter deserves to be analyzed. This is even more important when several plans have to be paid for simultaneously, as is the case, for example, with a call center.

In this sense, companies usually offer between three or four different types of plans. There will be a more economical one, one or two intermediate ones and the last one, which would be the most complete. Understanding this and analyzing each of the plans compared to those of other companies is the complex part.

In the case of companies, it is best to opt for the most complete plans. When money and business opportunities are involved, it is best to have maximum communication capacity. However, there are businesses that perhaps move a little slower and this allows to reduce expenses a little. Of course, these are very special cases.

Beware of permanence

Choosing the best mobile tariffs involves checking much more than the cost or the capacity of the service. The telephone companies place various stipulations within the contracts. These do not usually appear on company websites and brochures.

Probably the stipulation that deserves the most attention is permanence. Many telephone companies offer extremely cheap and attractive plans from the outset. However, within the contract they place a minimum period of time during which the contracting party must remain with that company.

This implies that the contracting parties commit themselves to a certain period of time with that company, no matter what happens. In the event that the contracting party wishes to break the contractual relationship, a monetary penalty is stipulated in the contract, which is usually significant. In other words, the contracting party may have to pay additional money just for withdrawing if he/she is not satisfied with the service.

The real problem of permanence

Unfortunately, many telephone companies take advantage of the permanence stipulation. It can happen that the quality of service is initially quite promising and then turns out to be a misleading offer. For example, the coverage may not be as extensive as the customer thought.

Another quite recurrent situation has to do with the indiscriminate increase of tariffs. These tend to increase suddenly and when the customer wants to change then he is forced to pay a penalty. To tell the truth, a long permanence is often very counterproductive.

The best possible situation is to opt for mobile tariffs that do not impose a length of stay. Otherwise, it is best if the obligation lasts for a short period of time or if the penalty is as low as possible. In any case, evaluating this aspect is fundamental and is sometimes reflected in the small print.

Choose a company with a virtual switchboard service

Many telephone companies have cheap mobile rates for entrepreneurs. However, not all of them offer IP PBX for customer service and telemarketing management. The most innovative companies in business communication can guarantee both.

It is very positive to get a company that guarantees the data plan and the contact center software. By contracting both services the contracted company can offer better prices. The best thing is that it is not necessary to have a large customer service center. Even an independent salesperson can contract for a single number and enjoy all the tools of this type of program.

The virtual PBX has very useful modules such as dialers, sending bulk SMS, virtual fax, among others. All the implements of this software allow to improve the attention of incoming calls and increase telemarketing campaigns. At Neotel this service is very affordable, allowing customers to use excellent technological solutions from limited budgets.

What are the cheapest cell phone rates?

A review of the different plans on the Internet can tell us what are the prices and capabilities of the different plans. However, the key question to ask is: Are the cheapest mobile tariffs really the most convenient? In reality, the entrepreneur’s selection must go beyond cost.

Making the choice of a mobile tariff should lead the entrepreneur to review the contract, and even inquire about other things. Some information is much more difficult to know, such as, for example, the operation or coverage of the service. In this regard, it will be very positive to make a thorough exploration on the Internet.

Some traditional telephone companies offer a proven but expensive service. Others, which are very new, may have very low prices, but are flawed in their performance. On the Internet you can find things like a mobile rate comparator. However, finding the best mobile tariffs involves a thorough review and analysis of the market.

Neotel offers a competitive mobile tariff

Neotel offers three mobile tariff plans to suit each customer’s needs. All offer unlimited calls to ensure constant telephone communication for customers. In addition, this includes internal calls between landlines and mobiles, which is very cost effective for carrying internal company communications.

The best thing about our service is that we apply permanence stipulations. If the customer wishes to change phone number, he can do so immediately and without paying any penalty. The customer can keep his numbering by guaranteeing portability.

Those who ask «can I have a virtual PBX with my number«, with Neotel it is guaranteed. Our software is innovative and has the most advanced modules for customer service and telemarketing. We have flexible pricing and the customer can choose a package of features tailored to their budget. It doesn’t matter if you are a company or an entrepreneur.

Neotel has 20 years of experience with a wide coverage telephone service. We not only guarantee a functional telephone and data service, but also technological solutions for businesses of all kinds. Here we have mobile rates, quality communications and a call center software with very complete functionalities to serve customers and generate sales.