Inbound call statistics: Luxury data for businesses

Hiring a virtual switchboard service allows you to understand how all the commercial communication of a company takes place in order to improve it. Aspects such as the flow of calls, the times they occur, their duration and the management of those who answer them, can be visualized thanks to this software. All this data is reflected in the inbound call statistics.

Of course, this data is very useful both for customer service and for understanding the commercial impact of companies. In fact, nowadays, entrepreneurs and merchants give much more value to this type of data than in the past.

What are inbound call statistics?

incoming call statistics

The virtual switchboard or contact center software is basically a program that allows to unify all the communication of the companies. It does not matter if a company has only one person in charge of answering calls, or a large call center room. This application allows to professionalize the telephone communication.

One of its particular advantages is that it allows us to visualize the flow of incoming calls to the company. To do this, the program organizes all the information in easy-to-analyze graphs and this is the incoming call statistics module.

As all communication is unified, it can be easily quantified. In addition, the mere fact of working with the mobile PBX and having IP telephony makes the data collection process easier. This is like having an x-ray of all the commercial calls that come into a company.

What is the inbound call statistics module like?

The inbound call statistics module is a dashboard that shows the entire communications development. The quantifiable data is displayed clearly, broken down and separated for analysis. This is equivalent to having an x-ray of how the flow of contacts made by customers and users occurs.

This dashboard is also interactive, allowing the entrepreneur to verify specific data, separated and organized in different ways. The idea of having all these statistics and being able to interact with them is to analyze how business communication is going at the telephone level, in order to improve it.

From the analysis and monitoring of statistics, companies can generate mechanisms to promote more fluid telephone communication. But going further, this module could even provide valuable commercial information for entrepreneurs.

What data do the IP PBX statistics show?

Basically, all those related to call flow. That is, the number of incoming calls received, their distribution during working hours, and the like. Perhaps the most relevant are those related to the productivity of a company in terms of the service offered to its customers.

From this module it is possible to know, for example, how many calls come into the company during each day, how many of these are answered and it also counts those that are hung up. In other words, you can even obtain data on contacts that are not answered.

Having the ability to count on this constant flow of data in real time generates all kinds of advantages. But in addition to knowing the general statistics of the business telephone line, it is possible to know much more specific data.

Call center: analyzing each operator

Inbound call statistics do not only record the general data of a call center department. In fact, this module also provides a basic idea of how each of a company’s telephone agents works. Let’s remember that the work of the virtual PBX for SMEs unifies the communication under a single software, allowing to have a control of it.

Thus, it is possible to know, for example, how many calls are handled by each operator in particular. Similarly, this module indicates the number of conversations hung up, or the time the telephone agent spends on each call. This is important to draw objective conclusions about the performance of each employee.

An operator who has a lot of hang-ups or who leaves conversations on hold may not be doing his job well. On the other hand, a telephone agent who has a high talk time per call perhaps serves customers well, but does not contribute to productivity.

Inbound call statistics: Establishing averages

Inbound call statistics are key to defining whether a call center’s work is being performed correctly. But to do so, the company must first study and track its own management. In the numbers of this module, there are the possibilities, correctives and objectives that a company can establish with respect to its customer service.

In short, the actual numbers reflected in the statistics also serve to make projections and set goals. If you want to improve customer service, managers will know where they are starting from and what productivity they want. Thus, more than just looking at the averages obtained, it is also feasible to project possible improvements in that average.

The statistics of incoming calls allow to establish strategies to improve the efficiency of the attention. The important thing is that the entrepreneur has the necessary information to change and improve. From this module, a change can be made in the organization of the call center to increase productivity.

Three key statistics to know if you offer good customer service

To tell the truth, all the data provided by the inbound call statistics module are important. But the following ones present a straightforward picture of the service offered by the company:

Missed calls: missed calls are those that have entered the virtual PBX for SMEs, but were not answered. This can happen due to delays in the tele-operator, in the system or similar issues. A call center that misses a lot of calls is not generating a smooth service or a good customer experience.
Queues on hold: Companies can know the number of customers who are calling and are on hold while all operators are busy. This is key, because companies that always have queues on hold do not enjoy the good perception of their users. Instead of solving a problem, they become a problem for their users.
Conversation times: this information is key to get an idea of the quality of service. Very short conversations are not necessarily synonymous with productivity. Likewise, although it is always good to provide good customer service, it is not good to have very long calls. The best thing is to have adequate attention times for each type of service or problem attended.

These are data that should be reviewed on a daily basis. The good news is that inbound call statistics allow you to check all these numbers per day, per week, per month or even per year.

Call center statistics contribute to the work of the business

Knowing how a call center operates through its metrics allows to improve the business activity in several ways. Once a review of call center statistics is done, it is possible to do the following:

Work organization: call center statistics allow the entrepreneur to organize the work in the call center to improve its efficiency. Thanks to this module, it is possible to know if it is necessary to hire more staff, change the schedules or try other strategies to improve the service.
Operator evaluation: Checking the statistics of each agent makes it easier to carry out individual correction and training work. It will also be feasible to evaluate the continuity of some teleoperators if they do not comply with the work required.
Knowing the flow of customers: Hiring a contact center software will allow us to have an idea of how many customers communicate with the company. This data is useful to know the impact that the company is generating in the market since its inception. That is why hiring a virtual switchboard is positive even for those companies that do not have a call center department.

Neotel offers its virtual PBX for SMEs

At Neotel we offer our contact center software, a multifunctional tool that adapts to companies of all types. In fact, our program is useful for companies with large call center rooms, as well as for small businesses or even individual entrepreneurs. In it you will find a very complete, fast and easy to use incoming call statistics module.

Neotel’s virtual PBX offers important modules such as call recorder and incoming call statistics for free. The best thing is that we have plans that adapt to the economic possibilities of each entrepreneur. Our customers can choose the plan they prefer and request additional modules that they need for their management.

The Neotel contact center software interface is easy to use, fast and intuitive. This distinguishes it from many programs of the same type that are complex, unintelligible and for which it is necessary to hire additional IT experts. Using our virtual PBX is as easy as logging into a social network, yet it has tools that will forever change the way your company communicates.