Inbound call statistics give you clues about your business

Hiring a virtual PBX has several positive aspects unknown to the average entrepreneur. One of them is the ability to know how the telephone communication of customers who make contact with your company or business occurs. To tell the truth, this is valuable information that could define business growth and like any source of data, it is usually quite usable. For those who are already wondering how to obtain it, the answer is simple: Incoming call statistics.

The virtual PBX is a software that allows you to professionalize communication, migrate to IP telephony and control all incoming and outgoing calls, among other tasks. Part of this control is possible thanks to the fact that this program can know how each contact occurs, save the information and process it so that any businessman or manager can use it.

incoming call statistics

Incoming call statistics: Know how the communication occurs

Most people associate the virtual PBX only with the call center. Certainly, this is its origin, but today, this is a program that can be used for any business. And as any business activity involves a communication flow, it can be quantified to address it more comprehensively and strategically. This is precisely what is known as inbound call statistics.

Inbound call statistics chart everything that happens in a company’s daily communication. For example, this module of the virtual PBX allows you to know how many calls enter the company’s telephone, regardless of whether it is a single call or several devices. This makes it possible to know how many people are calling and at what times. This is not only useful for companies with call centers, but also for small companies with one or a few managers.

Inbound call statistics also let you know how many calls are missed, put on hold or hung up. All this data sounds very technical, but it is incredibly useful. It is enough to analyze the numbers a little to generate better solutions, increase attention and seek a greater flow of sales from these actions. We must remember that communication is key to generate business opportunities and, therefore, we must think about it.

How can I use incoming call statistics to my advantage?

There are many examples of how inbound call statistics can be used to improve a business. For example, if the data suggests that more people are calling at a certain time, the right thing to do is for the entrepreneur to focus on answering calls during those time slots. In fact, being more available when there is a greater flow of customers is a strategy that works both in a call center and in a physical store, so it is functional for any type of enterprise.

Another advantage of inbound call statistics is that it records and presents data on the performance of individual telemarketers. Suppose a company has three people in charge of handling customer orders. With the virtual PBX, a business owner can know for sure if these people are doing their job properly… Are they hanging up? Are they not answering? All of this is verifiable.

Telephone statistics can also be used to find out if digital marketing strategies are working. When an entrepreneur manages an official website and social networks of the business, he does it with the objective that these generate more calls and closed business. Precisely, inbound call data can give an idea about whether advertising strategies are generating more leads, or if, on the contrary, they are not well targeted.

At Neotel we have the best virtual PBX for SMEs.

The idea that business communication software is only for large companies with call centers is a thing of the past. At Neotel we have a virtual PBX for SMEs, because we know that even the newest and smallest companies can take advantage of this technology. This program not only allows you to control communications and, in fact, it is a very powerful tool for marketing and organization of commercial activities.

In addition to inbound call statistics, the call recorder is another element for customer service control. However, our innovative software has other useful tools, such as the dialer, the platform for sending bulk SMS, the call robot, the CRM, the IVR and many other solutions. At Neotel we help you build your company with the prestige, reliability and technology needed to make the leap in quality from the beginning.