Sending bulk SMS to cell phones is effective marketing

If you think text messaging is obsolete, you might be wrong. The rise of the Internet, apps and social networks has not necessarily meant that this communication tool has been discarded. Statistics only prove one thing: sending bulk SMS to cell phones is an effective marketing strategy and therefore, still valid.

Companies that work with an SMS sending platform do not do so because they are outdated. In fact, the idea that text messaging is an old resource does not exist in marketing. To tell the truth, this is a communication mechanism with immense all-round benefits. Companies gain a lot by sending messages to their customers via text messaging.

Text messaging is old but useful

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Certainly, text messaging was the biggest innovation introduced during the second generation of telephony. With the development of smartphones and the popularization of chat apps, it was thought that SMS would come to an end. Although at first, this tool registered a drop in its use, it has not been able to disappear.

Text messages may be considered old, but they are still very useful. They are still an excellent way to communicate when there is no Internet coverage. Many cell phone plans still offer a number of SMS in their plans and rates. Added to this, there are many consumers who still use the messaging service on a regular basis.

SMS usage is still being considered by the smartphone manufacturers themselves. This can be verified in the way it is included in operating systems.

Two key reasons for using SMS marketing

The most innovative phone operating systems do not rule out the use of text messaging. In fact, the SMS we receive always appear within the general notifications of the cell phone. In other words, our Smartphone notifies us in the same way when we receive an interaction on social networks as it does when we receive a text message.

Therefore, people pay the same attention to an SMS as to any other interaction that occurs in any App. This visibility is key to understanding the effectiveness of continuing to use text messages. By sending bulk SMS to customers’ cell phones, companies effectively reach them.

Another not minor fact is that people no longer delete their text messaging inboxes as regularly.  This is because today’s cell phones have a lot of storage capacity. In other words, even if we don’t pay attention to business SMS, we keep them saved and can always view them at another time.

Statistics are in favor of SMS

There is statistical data that supports the effectiveness and validity of text messaging. As of 2018, 389 billion SMS were being sent worldwide. There is no evidence that these numbers will drop too much until today. More than 6,000,000 million smartphones fall into that statistic. In other words, even users with the latest generation of cell phones continue to use this format.

There are also data that demonstrate the potential of SMS marketing. It is known that 86% of consumers worldwide receive business text messages, which is evidence of the impact of this strategy. Added to this, 30% of consumers interact with some of their contracted brands and companies via SMS.

Of course, the most favorable data for SMS marketing is its open ratio. According to some statistics, 98% of text messages received by people are opened. In addition, 64% of people are happy for companies to communicate with them using this format. In plain words, using text messaging as a mechanism for advertising is effective and that is proven.

What is the SMS sending platform like?

Of course, companies do not send their advertising text messages one by one to each customer. They have specially designed tools to send bulk SMS to cell phones. At Neotel, this is a module compatible with our contact center software.

This program can be called an SMS sending platform. The way it operates is very similar to the system of professional call launchers. Basically, the program allows you to enter large lists of customers’ phone numbers. From here the text message is composed and scheduled to be sent to each listed number.

When using this type of program, messages are sent simultaneously. In this way, companies can communicate with hundreds or thousands of customers at the same time. In fact, this makes it possible to reach large groups of people through their Smartphone. It is known that 80% of purchases are planned by consumers from the use of their cell phone.

SMS sending platform add-ons

It should be noted that the bulk SMS program for companies does not only send messages. In fact, this tool also works with other add-ons that allow you to get the most out of text messaging advertising campaigns. These are the following:

Control of SMS sent: The SMS sending platform allows to know which messages were effectively sent. This allows to have a first idea of how effective the campaign was.
Communication statistics: The module for sending bulk SMS to cell phones has its own statistics. In them you can see issues such as the open ratio of each campaign and track the receptivity of the messages sent by the company.
Api for third-party software: This has to do with the compatibility of the SMS sending platform with other software. It is important because companies usually work with different programs such as contact center software. Integration is desirable and sometimes necessary in many cases.

Of course, not all programs to send bulk SMS to cell phones have these features. Hence the importance of exploring the market options and choosing the best SMS Marketing platform. Neotel’s module has all these complements that are very useful when creating advertising campaigns.

Neotel’s SMS Sending Platform: Advantages

Neotel offers one of the best modules for sending bulk SMS to cell phones on the market. In addition to having add-ons such as statistics and the rest of the above mentioned, our program has other advantages:

Fast and fluid system: Each SMS sending platform works differently. Some tend to be a little slow when programming messages, or when working with lists of telephone numbers. Neotel’s module is very fast and proven to work.
Possibility to add links: Nowadays text messages allow you to incorporate links leading to web pages. Unfortunately, not all bulk SMS programs for businesses have this capability. Neotel’s module is up to date and allows you to add links that lead users to other sites on the Internet.
Customizable Templates: Templates are used in this type of program to make it easier to write the text and structure it the way you want it to be. Neotel has the best customizable templates to send unique, aesthetic and effective advertising SMS.
Easy to use interface: Neotel’s module for sending bulk SMS to cell phones is intuitive and easy to use. Scheduling the sending, entering the lists and adding the text is very simple.

Neotel’s SMS sending platform is a complement to our virtual PBX for SMEs and large companies. This program allows you to manage business communication with professionalism, quality and very interesting technological solutions.

Neotel’s contact center software: the best communication solution

Companies depend on their ability to contact customers and potential users. In this sense, Neotel’s contact center software has modules and functions to improve business communication substantially. This tool increases the quality of the call center and also of telemarketing tasks.

Precisely, the module to send bulk SMS to cell phones is a fundamental part of our telemarketing tools. However, this is only one of the solutions that we make available to our customers. In fact, we offer various mechanisms to amplify business communication in different ways. The aim is to increase the scope of action of enterprises.

The virtual switchboard for SMEs will allow the integration of all the telephone communication of a company. From here, the entrepreneur will be able to know how many calls come in, how they are answered, have statistics of his call center room and even monitor his tele-operators. The best thing is that we offer different plans adapted to the budget and needs of each company. There are no more excuses to professionalize customer service and sell more.