Call Recorder: Keep track of everything and cover your company’s backs

Business tends to generate empathy, prosperity and exchange. However, it is also possible that some problems may arise when closing a deal. In sales of both products and services there are always failures and conflicting situations, so that in some cases the word alone does not mean anything. That is why today’s companies resort to technological solutions such as call recorders. A good part of the negotiations that take place today occur through a phone call. Likewise, selling often involves offering a service to customers that goes beyond the simple sale. For all this, having the ability to monitor every interaction between customers and company representatives is really necessary. Fortunately, the virtual PBX for SMEs has what it takes to do so.

Problems with a customer? The call recorder is the solution

premium virtual call recorder

How many times do companies not encounter difficult customers? To tell the truth, negotiating also involves dealing with users who could complicate things, for different reasons. Now, having a conflict with a customer is a delicate matter, understanding that almost all countries have consumer protection laws. Therefore, the attitude of every company must adhere to legal standards, if a major problem is to be avoided. Situations such as service failures or unauthorized telephone purchases by customers can be complex. Similarly, there are always the unprocessed reports that generate annoyance in users and an inconvenient reputation for the company. Another case may be that of an unsent product, errors in shipping, billing or any other problem. In all these situations, or when some other misunderstanding is generated, the call recorder can be crucial. If a customer insists that he has reported something and has not, the call recorder will allow you to verify that. Similarly, if someone wants to take advantage of the company, you can always resort to reviewing phone conversations. In fact, what the recorders do is create a record of all the business contacts made by the company, both incoming and outgoing. In this way, a backup is generated that is often very useful in the event of any misunderstanding.

Resolving conflicts

The call recorder allows to know if the mistake was made by the customer or by the company. This type of solution is ideal to corroborate if a customer authorized a telephone sale, or if on the contrary it was a telemarketer who made a mistake. Likewise, it is possible to know if a company representative has caused inconvenience when dealing with a complaint, or if it has been the user who has made a mistake. For this type of situation, third-party verification is often ideal, as it allows you to corroborate closed agreements. This is an additional application related to the monitoring system of our virtual PBX. If a customer decides to file a complaint with the consumer protection agency, the call recorder can prove that this person is not in the right. This is ideal in companies where the owner of the company cannot take care of everything and needs to verify how the managers are behaving. You can know for sure if the employees are doing their job correctly. Call recording allows to cover employers from a lot of problems. That is why the largest companies record their calls and keep a record, respecting of course the data protection and privacy laws of the country where they are located. To tell the truth, this is a recommendable resource for any type of enterprise.

Neotel has the best virtual PBX for SMEs

Neotel’s virtual switchboard allows you to professionalize communication for all types of companies, including new entrepreneurs. With the basic program, we offer call center tools that can be useful even if you do not have a huge room of teleoperators. The program unifies all the business communication, allows to control it and also allows its control through the call recorder. At Neotel we have a monitoring system for business communication. This consists of the call recorder, the spy and whisper and third party verification, all very practical systems. This is how you can have total control of the communication, even if we entrust third parties to carry out negotiations and customer service. The best thing is that this is just one of the technological solutions we offer to entrepreneurs. Explore our website and get in touch with us.