Incoming call statistics: the key to good service

Call centers with inbound call statistics modules dominate the service business. The knowledge of these data will allow to adapt the service to achieve greater efficiency. We are talking about the possibility of analyzing the way in which the work is done.



incoming call statistics

Those who recognize the importance of social network metrics will understand the importance of call center statistics. They are but a reflection of the focus of a customer service department. Of course, a company’s good reputation and sales will largely depend on this.

Incoming call statistics: What can we know?

Generally, inbound call statistics are modules offered with call center software. They allow us to know in real time how many calls are on hold, which ones have been attended to and also quantifies the failures. This, although quite positive, is just the beginning.

A call statistics module also records the time in call and waiting of each operator. The data of each contact is recorded and the application generates graphs and averages. This information is valuable from various points of view.

On the one hand, the operator has in this data that will allow him to improve his management. On the other hand, the coordinator and other authorities can plan strategies to improve the service. By having all these patterns, it is possible to know, for example, which are the hours with more calls. In those cases, it is possible to avoid breaks and insist on a focused or faster management.

Incoming call statistics are able to

Having data on the flow of calls allows you to organize your work. If customer service can be oriented based on this data, management is more intelligent. Newer call centers can learn a lot and generate their response models and guidelines.

The most advanced inbound call statistics modules also offer management solutions. For example, Neotel offers with its software the CDR queues module. This add-on allows customers to be listed based on incoming calls. In the meantime, they are informed of their position and have an idea of when they will be answered.

This is equivalent to being able to communicate with the customer in an automated way from the beginning of the contact. If we add the statistics to this, what is left is a system dedicated to improving efficiency. Certainly, better service means more business opportunities and satisfied users.