Turning your company’s communications into a strategic tool

Many companies request and contract the premium call recorder service with Neotel. Knowing that they have up to 1TB of storage in the Neotel cloud to store all their calls both outgoing and incoming and without expiration date of the same is, without doubt, a great advantage. In the same way, in Neotel we offer without any cost for our clients and that comes already active by default our functionality of recording of the calls that will keep these during two months and from that moment we will no longer have access to the history of the recordings.


virtual premium call recorder Neotel

The recording of communications is a guarantee

With our call center application the supervisor can monitor all conversations in real time.

Neotel: When improving customer service is a priority

Integrating ourrm into your company, you can give a better professional image to your customers while facilitating and professionalizing even more the lives of your employees because, when they receive a call, a pop-up window will appear on screen showing in real time all the most relevant contact information. all these are some of the strategies that our customers apply to their day-to-day business. If you need more information about any of our services please do not hesitate to contact us. We are delighted to attend your request.