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Because any entrepreneur must have something called Click to call me back

Having a presence on the Internet is vital for any type of business. However, publishing a website and managing social networks is not enough to achieve commercial success. Meanwhile, buying and selling websites can help to sell, but they charge exorbitant commissions, not to mention the voracious competition. It is at this point that tools such as click to call me back are very helpful.

One of the big problems of many business websites is that they tend to have few means for the customer to establish communication with the companies. Even ecommerce sites can present this inconvenience, forgetting that the customer usually asks a lot of questions before buying. Fortunately, the virtual switchboard also has a solution to improve this.

click to call me back

Click to call me back: bringing you closer to the customer

Click to call me back is a plugin for web pages. It consists of a button that is displayed on the website and that when pressed by the customer, opens a box. In this box, any user can leave their telephone data so that a telephone operator or person in charge of the company can contact them. Companies that incorporate this application have the opportunity to establish a more direct relationship with an Internet user and convert him/her into a customer.

The click to call me back button guarantees a quick communication channel to users who may be interested in a product. Its work responds to the lack of many web page templates that do not offer easy to find and use communication channels. Likewise, this is a solution that allows the user-company conversation, which always increases sales.

Business owners who have the click to call me back plugin usually have an advantage over their competitors. To tell the truth, many companies with websites do not have mechanisms to engage in conversation with customers and their data on the website is often outdated. Even if you have social networks, it is always good to have a direct communication channel on the company’s website.

Some realities of business websites

It is known that 89% of users will buy from competitors if they had a negative experience as Internet users. Some experiences of this type are, for example, the fact of not guaranteeing a good navigation on the site, or not finding means for timely communication. Any element can not only keep you away from a good sale, but also strengthen the competition.

34% of consumers can increase their probabilities of buying by receiving personalized content. In other words, having the ability to communicate and attend to the customer, in a personal way, can improve the amount of sales a business achieves. Precisely, the click to call me back button generates opportunities to contact potential customers, in order to send them personalized information.

It is also known that 44% of online shoppers abandon a website when there is no contact information available. What often happens in many companies is that their phone numbers become outdated after a while and user emails are not always answered. In contrast, with the click to call me back button it is even possible to go in search of a customer who wants more information. Salespeople, new entrepreneurs, professionals and freelancers can benefit a lot from this tool.

How to get the click to call me back?

The click to call me back plugin is an add-on to Neotel’s virtual switchboard software. Those who purchase our service have access to this tool that allows to connect the web page attention with the telephone management. It is worth noting that our service is very economical and, in fact, we have different plans for each type of customer. The best thing is that our program also offers other useful add-ons for customer service and marketing, such as call launchers, CRM, platform for sending bulk SMS, robot call, among many others.

The price of the virtual PBX will depend on the client’s budget and the implements requested. At Neotel, we allow our users to take control of the service they want, building plans based on their specific needs and requests. Even an entrepreneur who is just starting out can obtain and take advantage of our software and its tools. Professionalize your company’s communication and increase sales by networking even more, thanks to our solutions. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.